Desire Aroma Humidifier - MOSAIC SILVER

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Desire Aroma Humidifier - MOSAIC SILVER


Enhance your room and environment with this fantastic room fragrance mist diffuser.  The electric lamps feature a 3D  effect design that will make an excellent focal point in any room, bedroom or hallway. They also make a great housewarming gift for a loved one. 

  • Stylish 3D design
  • Electric lamp
  • Prevents dryness in the air to reduce irritation
  • Helps to treat dryness of the skin, nose, throat, and lips
  • Suitable for use with essential oils
  • Measures approx. H25 x W13cm
  • Lead cable: 1.48m
  • For indoor use only

How to use

- Remove the cover and white plastic cap. 
- Fill the white plastic water tank to the max fill line. 
- Put 4-7 drops of essential oil into the water (optional). 
- Replace the white plastic cap and cover. 
- Plus power cord into a standard outlet. 
- Press the power button once to turn it on for 1 hour, twice for 2 hours, three for 3 hours and four for continuous. Press the light button to discover more colourful light settings.