Golden Serenity 70x90cm

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Introducing "Golden Serenity," a stunning abstract canvas art piece that embodies the beauty of Africa through its shapes, colours, and textures. Measuring 70cm x 90cm, this acrylic on canvas artwork is sure to captivate anyone who lays their eyes on it.


The grey backdrop of the canvas serves as the perfect canvas for the golden hues that have been masterfully blended into the piece. The intricate design features geometric shapes inspired by African culture and its people. These shapes have been flawlessly integrated with the golden colour scheme to create a truly breathtaking piece of art.


The combination of earthy grey and shimmering gold tones creates a serene ambience, making it the perfect addition to any living space, office, or gallery. This beautiful piece will leave you in awe and give you peace and tranquillity every time you gaze upon it.


Whether you're an art enthusiast or simply looking for a beautiful way to enhance your space, "Golden Serenity" is an excellent choice. The attention to detail and its unique inspiration make it a one-of-a-kind masterpiece that will impress. Order now and experience the breathtaking beauty of this exquisite piece of art.