LOCHERBER MILANO Banksia Diffuser Skyline

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Size: 1000ml



  • An aromatic, woody, spicy fragrance with top notes of Australian Eucalyptus and grapefruit combined with monoi, frangipani, boronia and ledifoglia to end with Australian sandalwood, cedar wood, vetiver and banksia nectar.
  • T2 stopper by Locherber Milano.
  • Hand-painted glass vase in the Skyline collection.
  • On the fabric, labels are reproduced images that recall the Australian flower.


The emotional journey of Locherber Milan continues among the fragrances and fragrances of the world and arrives in Australia. Banksia is a new fragrance inspired by the homonymous wild Australian flower.


The aromatic, woody and spicy fragrance opens with balsamic notes of Australian eucalyptus and citrusy grapefruit and then evolves into more floral nuances of Monoi, Frangipane and Boronia. 


The finish is intense and enveloping with woody notes of Australian sandalwood and cedar wood and spicy vetiver and Banksia nectar.


The T2 cap is handcrafted using techniques patented by Locherber that recall a Roman temple capital in order to emphasize the influence of ancient Roman culture and create a piece of Made in Italy design to further enhance the space that surrounds us.


Olfactory Pyramid

Head Notes: Australian eucalyptus

Heart Notes: Monoï, Plumeria, Sydney Boronia

Base Notes: Australian sandalwood, Cedarwood, Vetiver, Banksia nectar

Tips & Care

The duration of a fragrance depends on the size of the environment in which it is located, its temperature, direct sunlight and air currents that can accelerate evaporation.


Follow our tips for optimal performance of your diffuser and to make the fragrance last longer.


Always keep the level in the diffuser for at least half of its content, avoiding the amount of oxygen in the bottle affecting the evaporation speed too much.


Put the Diffuser on a stable surface; after removing the cap it is recommended to use a funnel to pour the fragrance; after pouring the fragrance it is recommended to clean the diffuser with a slightly damp cloth; replace the cap and the diffuser is immediately ready for use.


Keep the fragrance as far away as possible from heat sources and direct light sources.