Whirlpool Built-in Electric Oven 60cm/ AKP 745 IX

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This Whirlpool built-in Oven features smart Clean technology, that provides a self-cleaning cycle that ensures ideal cleaning results, at the touch of a button. Advanced electric technology allows you to cook dishes saving energy. Halogen lamps allow a more energy-efficient performance.

  • Built-in Electric Oven 60cm

Smartclean- StarClean is a breakthrough, exceptionally ecological technology of oven cleaning. Not only does it use very little energy but also completely eliminates the need for using detergents. The cleaning cycle lasts only 35 minutes at 90ºC. Then, you just wipe the oven chamber. Laboratory tests have shown that with StarClean you can attain 10 times better results in removing oil, butter to tomato from the oven surface.

Ventilated and multifunction cooking- Wide variety of cooking methods to cook different type of food to perfection

Anti-fingerprint Stainless Steel- A special treatment applied to the stainless steel, so that grease, fingerprints and dust are easily removed, and that preserves your coffee machine from scratches and the effects of ageing.

Push Knobs- Simple to use - push to release, push to place back inside - so you only see the knobs when you want to use them


  • Height: 595mm x Width: 595mm x Depth: 564mm
Electrical connection rating - 320WType of control - Mechanical and electronicColour - Stainless steel
Knob type - ProtrudingTime control- Electronic
Oven guide- Telescopic
Energy efficiency class - NEW (2010/30/EC) - AEnergy consumption per cycle conventional - NEW (2010/30/EC) - 0.87Time setting options - Start and Stop
Construction type- Built-in
Length of electrical supply cable - 90cm
Energy consumption per cycle forced air convection - NEW (2010/30/EC)- 0.78