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Posted on June 26 2020

Traditionally, wedding registries have consisted of a collection of household items the engaged couple need to ready their first home as a married couple. You’d choose several retailers, work with store sales reps, walk the store aisles to scan physical items and track it all on paper. Nowadays online registries are breaking tradition by allowing couples to list gifts that aren’t necessarily found in department stores. Better still, all your registries can be consolidated, and tracked, in the same universal registry. Chances are that between the two, you and your partner have a good amount of household items. Your wedding registry can be used to supplement, replace, or update household items you already have. You can even have a little fun with experience gifts or cash funds, like for your honeymoon or home down payment.

That all sounds fine and dandy until you get down to the nitty-gritty of it. By now you’ve decided you want to have a registry, but Napev knows the process can be overwhelming. Here at Napev, we have used a wedding registry checklist based on products in-store to help you get started. 


  • Blender A blender is so much more than a blender. Nowadays, you can find blenders that heat soups as you blend them, blend nuts so fine you can make your own nut milk, and some even come with attachments that turn them into an entirely new tool. 
  • Knives and Knife Sets Any chef will tell you that apart from your hands, the most important cooking tool is a sharp knife. Better yet, a whole set of good quality knives will shoot your cooking skills through the roof and also save you money over the long run as they last longer.
  • Cooking Sets Cookware is a great investment, and when cared for properly, will last for years to come. There’s no need to crowd your kitchen with a mountain of pots and pans—a few good quality pans that have a wide range of function are all you need to achieve your culinary dreams. 
  • Kitchen Tool Sets You could buy each kitchen tool individually, but if you could cover all the basics in a great kitchen tool set, why wouldn’t you? Spatulas, whisks, mashers, and ladles galore—they’re all here.
  • Trash Cans Often easily overlooked. You're probably thinking any trash can would do. I may, but you could get one which compliments your kitchen or any area of your home. A trash you'd like to keep in an area which can be seen due to the sheer beauty of it. The Simplehuman products are of exceptional quality and build and last way longer saving you money over time.


  • Vases An excellent centrepiece or compliment to any table. Crystal vases are a great addition to any home design. Also a great place to store your favourite flowers.

Dinner setting with dinner plates, glasses, flatware and flowers


  • Dinnerware You can never go wrong with a classic white dinnerware set, so that is always a great place to start. Consider more sets than you need on a daily basis because you never know when you may want to host a guest—or six. Theres so much to choose from to add on our Crockery page.
  • Serveware You’d be surprised how often serveware comes in handy. Whether you’re hosting dinner for friends or just want to share an entree salad with your partner in front of the TV—serveware can handle all of it and we've got the right one for each occasion.
  • Barware A must-have on your wedding registry checklist because you’ll literally have a bar in your home. Need we say more? 
  • Linens Decorative and functional, linens for your dining room are essential. Bring your guests together for a great meal and protect your table—and their laps—at the same time.


  • Bath Towels No more scratchy towels—give your skin the treatment it deserves and wrap yourself in the best towels you can find. And because we’re (supposedly) grown-ups, it wouldn’t hurt if they matched!
  • Accessories and Decor A room often overlooked when it comes to decorating, we have a ton of ideas to spruce up your bathroom. You never know, maybe with enough love and attention, your bathroom will feel like your own personal spa.



Not everyone has a laundry room we understand, but there are some household items that can still help you hack laundry day. For those who have pets—or those looking for furry companions in the future—it’s a great idea to include items for them, too.
Laundry Baskets So you can finally clear off the Chair in your room to wash or put away.
IronsIroning Board and Laundry Care Must-have essentials to keep your clothes looking & smelling fresh and wrinkle free.
Drying Rack Some clothes just simply cannot get thrown in the dryer with the rest of your clothes. Enter: a drying rack that can fold up out of the way when not in use.

Remember to have fun together while you’re registering! Think of all the memories you will make together using each of the items you register for. From the KitchenAid Mixer you’ll use to mix birthday cakes to the Scented Candles you’ll place in your bedroom or living room — the gifts you receive for your wedding will be part of your lives for many years to come.

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