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    Quest Double Ceramic Hot Plate 37259

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    This 2000W double ceramic hot plate can be used with two pans at once, as it has one large plate (190mm) and one small plate (160mm). It can be used with all steel, glass and ceramic cookware and heats up quickly, reaching 300℃ within 36s. As well as a power indicator light, the hot plate includes minimum (100℃) to maximum (600℃) temperature settings which allow you to meet all your cooking needs such as keeping warm, boiling, and frying. For added safety, it includes overheating protection. The compact hot plate has thermo-insulated handles designed so that you can lift it with ease and without burning yourself, making it safe to move anywhere. This makes the hot plate ideal for parties, camping or small accommodation and its handles are retractable for when you want to safely store it away. The cooking plate’s stainless-steel surface is durable, easy to clean and can withstand long-term use. The hob has an easily clean glass plate to allow you to clean up any spilt food easily and has nonslip feet to stop any accidents either while cooking or cleaning.   Features and Benefits Key Features: 2000W Double Ceramic Hot Plate Features One Large Hot Plate (190mm) & One Small Hot Plate (160mm) Can Be Used With All Steel, Glass & Ceramic Cookware Rapid Heat Element - Reaches 300℃ Within 36 Seconds Adjustable Temperature Control , Minimum (100℃) To Maximum (600℃) Thermo-Insulated Handles For Ease Of Movement Ultra-Durable Easy Clean

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