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  • Tower Digital Air Fryer 1500W 4.3L T17024 | Napev

    Tower Digital Air Fryer 1500W 4.3L T17024

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    The Tower T17024 Air Fryer is a digital air fryer that features a powerful 1500W heating element and a 4.3L cooking capacity. This oil-less fryer uses rapid air circulation technology to provide a healthier way to fry your favourite foods. With its digital controls, adjustable temperature control, and timer function, you can easily prepare your meals with precision and accuracy. The non-stick cooking basket allows for easy food removal and cleaning, and the dishwasher-safe parts make cleanup a breeze. Its compact design makes it a perfect fit for any kitchen, and it serves as essential cooking equipment for anyone who wants to enjoy healthier fried foods.

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  • NEW Quest 33889 5.5L Air Fryer AT NAPEV GH

    Quest 33889 5.5L Air Fryer

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    Indulge in your favorite fried foods guilt-free with the Quest Air Fryer. This kitchen marvel allows you to enjoy crispy delights like chips, fried chicken, and onion rings without excess fats and oils. Here's why this air fryer is a must-have in your culinary arsenal: Key Features: Digital Display: The simple digital display lets you cook your favorites with precision. No guesswork involved, so you can enjoy perfectly cooked meals every time. 5.5-Litre Capacity: Host friends and family gatherings with ease. The spacious 5.5-litre capacity basket accommodates large quantities of food, making it perfect for sharing. Detachable Basket: Serving is a breeze with the detachable basket, and it's non-stick for effortless food removal and quick cleaning. Precise Cooking: Customize your cooking with temperature settings ranging from 80°C to 200°C. Set the timer for up to 60 minutes, and the auto-shut-off feature ensures your food is ready when you are. Safety First: The Quest Air Fryer includes safety features like a cool-touch handle and housing to prevent burns. It also has automatic overheating protection, giving you peace of mind. Compact and Convenient: Measuring just 33cm x 37cm, it fits neatly on your worktop. The 1-meter cord length provides flexibility in placement. Healthy Cooking: The Rapid Air Flow System uses 99% less oil, transforming your fried favorites into healthier choices. Note: This air fryer is not dishwasher safe.

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  • NEW Quest 9 Litre Dual Basket Air Fryer with LED Touch Display AT NAPEV GH

    Quest 9 Litre Dual Basket Air Fryer with LED Touch Display

    Unlock culinary creativity and cook a variety of dishes for groups of friends and family with the Quest Dual Air Fryer. Its innovative design and smart features make it a must-have in your kitchen. Here's what sets it apart: Key Features: Dual Cooking: The Quest Dual Air Fryer comes with two trays, each with a 4.5L capacity, allowing you to cook different foods at different temperatures and timers simultaneously. The match function ensures both baskets are ready at the same time. Customized Cooking: Achieve perfect results by adjusting the temperature setting between 80 to 200°C and setting the timer for up to 60 minutes. Alternatively, choose from 8 pre-sets for popular dishes like chips, meats, veggies, fish, and more. Healthy Cooking: Air frying technology reduces the need for oils or fats, making your meals healthier. Say goodbye to deep frying and hello to guilt-free, delicious cooking. Energy-Saving: The Quest Dual Air Fryer cooks food faster than a standard oven, saving you energy and time. Smart Features: The fryer is equipped with practical features, including overheat protection and a 'turn-over' indicator for even cooking. Easy to Clean: The non-stick baskets make cleaning a breeze. Please note that the fryer is not dishwasher safe. User-Friendly: The LED touch controls make it easy to set your preferred cooking parameters. A cooking guide is included for your convenience. Large Capacity: With a total capacity of 9L (two 4.5L baskets), you can prepare ample food for your gatherings. Measuring 42.5 x 38 x 32cm, this air fryer comfortably fits on your kitchen countertop. Whether you're a seasoned chef or just starting, the Quest Dual Air Fryer makes cooking exciting, efficient, and enjoyable. Note: The Quest Dual Air Fryer is not dishwasher safe.


  • Masterchef 4.5L Digital Air Fryer | Napev

    Masterchef 4.5L Digital Air Fryer

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    Looking for a healthier way to cook your favourite meals? Introducing the Masterchef 4.5L Digital Air Fryer, the ultimate kitchen appliance for healthy cooking enthusiasts. This innovative air fryer uses advanced digital controls to fry, bake, grill, and roast your food to crispy perfection with little to no oil, making it the perfect oil-less fryer for guilt-free indulgence.  With its large 4.5L capacity, you can cook up a variety of dishes for the whole family, while its easy-to-clean surface ensures hassle-free maintenance. Whether you're looking to cook up some crispy chicken wings, grilled veggies, or baked potatoes, the Masterchef 4.5L Digital Air Fryer delivers delicious and crispy results every time. Upgrade your cooking game with this stylish and modern kitchen appliance today and enjoy healthy family cooking like never before.

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  • Tower Vortex DUO Basket Air Fryer T17099 | Napev

    Tower Vortex DUO Basket 8.5L Air Fryer T17099

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    Introducing the Tower Vortex DUO Basket Air Fryer T17099 - the perfect addition to your kitchen for healthy and oil-free cooking. With its dual basket design and rapid air technology, you can cook up to two different dishes at once, without the need for added oils or fats. The large capacity allows you to cook for the whole family, while the adjustable temperature control and digital display make it easy to use. Cleaning up is a breeze with the easy-to-clean design. Upgrade your cooking game and enjoy delicious and healthy meals with the Tower Vortex DUO Basket Air Fryer T17099.

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  • Tower 9L Duel Basket Air Fryer T17088 | Napev

    Tower 9L Dual Basket Air Fryer T17088

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    DUO BASKET TECHNOLOGY: Comes with two large 4.5L baskets for versatile air frying. Use one for smaller portions or both to cook crispy and healthy meals for up to 8 people at once. Combined 9L capacity.  SMART FINISH FUNCTION WITH MATCH COOK: Cook different foods with different cooking times in each basket and the Smart Finish function will finish both baskets at the same time. The Match Cook button sets both baskets to the same temperature quickly.  4 WAYS TO COOK WITH 10 PRE-SET MEAL TIME CLASSICS: Air fry crispy, healthy foods, roast chicken, pork, beef, or lamb. Bake cakes, tarts, or pies, or grill steaks with the crisper grill plate. 10 pre-set meal options for easy cooking.  SAVE UP TO 70% ON ENERGY: Tower Air Fryers are powerful and cook up to 30% faster than conventional ovens, while using less energy. Switching to Tower Air Fryer cooking can save up to 70% on energy bills.

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  • Sale -25% Quest Air Fryer 3.7L 34119 | Napev

    Quest Air Fryer 3.7L 34119

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    EASY USE AIR FRYER – Make delicious fried favourites with a healthier twist thanks to this air fryer from Quest! Being easy to use thanks to the simple dial control system, it’ll help you to effortlessly cook classics such as chips, fried chicken, onion rings and more. You’ll be able to enjoy the taste of every bit of food from this air fryer with the confidence that your meal is healthier and lower in fat! 3.7L BASKET CAPACITY – With a basket capacity of 3.7 litres, you can cook plenty of food at once, ideal for making a tasty meal for family or friends! The basket is detachable, making serving and cleaning easier, with the non-stick lining preventing any food from getting stuck during the cooking process to make cleaning even more effortless. ADJUSTABLE THERMOSTAT – Ensure that the rapid air circulation system cooks each bit of food precisely how you want it, thanks to the adjustable thermostat. Choose from temperature settings between 80°C to 200°C, covering a nice wide range of foods. The modern fryer also includes a timer setting of up to 60 minutes, giving you even more help in getting your cooked food just right. ENERGY EFFICIENT – Save up to 50% on energy costs compared to a standard oven. The fryer also features automatic overheating protection, with another auto-shut-off function used once the timer runs out for precise cooking. The fryer measures approximately 33cm x 26cm x 36cm (H x W x D), fitting it neatly on a surface without taking up too much space, with a cord length of 1m.

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  • Quest Air Fryer 5 in 1 36609 | Napev

    Quest Air Fryer 5 in 1 36609

    This 5 in 1 appliance with a timeless stainless-steel finish features an air fryer, rotisserie oven and dehydrator and can roast and bake, so you can cook all your favourite foods to perfection. The oven's large 12L capacity is enough to feed the whole family. It has an adjustable temperature ranging from 80-200°C and high speed 360° heat rotation. Select from the 10 pre-set cooking programmes via the easy-to-use digital controls. There is also a 90-minute timer function that will alert you with a bell ring once ready. For safety, the oven features automatic switch-off and overheat protection   ADJUSTABLE TEMP AND LARGE CAPACITY - The oven's large 12L capacity is enough to feed the whole family, allowing you to prepare healthy, low-fat versions of your favourite foods using up to 80% less oil.   It has an adjustable temperature ranging from 80-200°C and its high speed 360° heat rotation cooks food evenly and quickly   ACCESSORIES INCLUDED - The oven comes with accessories including 3 x grill racks, 1 x rotisserie fork, 1 x handle to safely pull out the rotisserie, 1 fat and oil collection drip tray   DIGITAL DISPLAY AND 10 MODES - Select from the 10 pre-set cooking programmes via easy-to-use digital controls.   90-minute timer function which will alert you with a bell ring once ready.


  • Salter Air Fryer 2L EK2817 | Napev

    Salter Air Fryer 2L EK2817

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    These fantastic Salter air fryers are the healthy way to cook all your favourite foods with little or no oil. Simple and convenient to use with adjustable temperature controls and timers, these fryers circulate hot air around the chamber and through the food for thorough, rapid cook. A brilliant alternative to deep-fat frying, each unit has a removable non-stick frying-coated cooking basket to make the food easy to serve and the fryer easy to clean. Heat & Air Circulation System Detachable Non-Stick Frying Basket Heats Up to 200° Adjustable Timer Auto Shut Off   Air Circulation For Better Cooking The enhanced air flow technology helps evenly circulate the heat around the basket so all of your ingredients are cooked thoroughly, with delicious results.   Versatile Cooking Options From savoury mains to delicious sweet treats, these air fryers reach temperatures of up to 200 degrees to suit chicken, steak, chops and vegetables.   Simple To Clean Removing all of the excess mess out of the air fryer is quick and easy to do. Simply pull out the drawer and hand wash.   Compact For Easy Storage The large 2 and 4.5-litre capacities provide suitable space for single portions while being the perfect size to neat store away in your kitchen cupboard

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  • Salter Air Fryer 3.2L EK2818L | Napev

    Salter Air Fryer 3.2L EK2818L

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    This innovative frying alternative offers a healthier take on your favourite fried foods. The Salter Hot Air Fryer gives you the best of both worlds, allowing you to cook with little or no oil while still retaining plenty of flavour. With a generous 3.2L cooking capacity and adjustable temperature control up to 200 degrees, it is capable of fast, efficient cooking that makes it ideal for meat, stuffed vegetables, homemade chips, quiches, spring rolls, and many more. A handy adjustable timer control and power/ready indicator light make it simple and easy to use, and when you’re done, simply remove and clean the non-stick cooking basket. Simple to use– The adjustable timer and power & ready indicator light give you straightforward, precise control. Versatile– With an adjustable temperature control capable of up to 220 degrees you can cook a huge range of different foods. Easy clean– The removable cooking basket is non-stick and easy to maintain.

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