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  • Russell Hobbs Large Rice Cooker & Steamer

    Russell Hobbs Large Rice Cooker & Steamer

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    Cooking rice in a pan can produce varied results. Mushy, sticky or dry - it can be difficult to get right. Whether you’re making a simple rice side dish for dinner, or batch cooking for a bigger party, our Maxi Cook 14 cup rice cooker makes it so incredibly simple, so all you’re left to do is look forward to your meal.  The rice cooker has a volume bowl, that can cook up to 14 cups of rice. It’s a rice cooker that’s just as at home in the family kitchen, as it would be catering for larger parties.  NOTE: Give the bowl quarter of a turn each way, to ensure the bottom of the bowl makes good contact with the element. Includes; 1 x Spatula  1 x Measuring cup  1 x Steam Basket

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    Russell Hobbs 1.8L Rice Cooker & Steamer

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    Cooks rice to perfection up to 10 cups at a time and automatically switches off when food is ready. Includes a tray for steaming fish and vegetables.

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  • Daewoo Rice Cooker 1.8L with Steamer Basket | Napev

    Daewoo Rice Cooker 1.8L with Steamer Basket

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    Enjoy perfectly cooked rice every time with our Daewoo 1.8L rice cooker with a non-stick coated, removable, easy-to-clean rice bowl, measuring cup and spatula included. With a smart and space-saving design, this rice cooker will keep your kitchen surfaces clean and decluttered, use the cord storage to keep your counters tidy. A sturdy reinforced glass lid with steam vents prevents any spills, and the cool touch handle and exterior ensure safety.

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  • Quest Omelette Maker 700W 35640 | Napev

    Quest Omelette Maker 700W 35640

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    DUAL OMELETTE MAKER – This compact omelette maker allows you to cook two of the most delicious and super healthy omelettes or separate portions of scrambled and fried eggs every time! Simply prepare your omelettes by whisking a few eggs, and adding your favoured choice of additional vegetables or cooked meats. The machine will then automatically bring itself to the perfect temperature, ready to cook your 2 omelettes within 5 to 6 minutes. HEALTHY FOOD PREPARATION – The fact that this omelette maker features 2 non-stick hotplates means that you don’t need to use any oils in the cooking process, making it a healthy option at mealtimes. THERMOSTATICALLY CONTROLLED – The omelette maker features a red light on top of the machine that will let you know when the temperature is just right for cooking. This works alongside the cool touch handles that remain safe to touch for you throughout the cooking process.

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  • Prestige Smartplus 6L Pressure Cooker | Appliance | Napev

    Prestige Smartplus 6L Pressure Cooker

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    No one knows more about Pressure Cookers than Prestige. The brand is firmly rooted in the origins of pressure cooking and has been developing the product for many years. This hard anodized non-stick Smartplus 6l pressure cooker features: Mechanical locking drive Two pressure cooker settings - 8lb & 12lb for versatility when cooking Visual pressure indicator Directional pressure regulator Gasket release system for additional safety Manufactured from heavy-gauge hard-anodized aluminium for incredible durability

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  • NEW Quest 2-in-1 Rice Cooker & Food Steamer - 2.2L AT NAPEV GH

    Quest 2-in-1 Rice Cooker & Food Steamer - 2.2L

    Elevate your cooking with our sleek and modern Rice Cooker, designed to complement a wide range of dishes. This versatile appliance is packed with features that cater to individuals, couples, and families. Here's what makes it a must-have in your kitchen: Key Features: Cool Touch Handles: Safety is a priority. Our rice cooker features cool-touch handles, so you can handle it with ease, even when it's hot. 2.2 Litre Capacity: With a generous 2.2-litre capacity, this rice cooker is perfect for preparing meals for 3-6 people. Whether you're cooking for family or friends, it's got you covered. Clear Viewing Lid: The clear glass lid allows you to keep an eye on your cooking without having to lift it. No more unnecessary interruptions in the cooking process. Rice Cooker for Families & Parties: Its adaptability makes it ideal for family meals or parties. The steaming functions let you cook a variety of dishes, from meats and fish to vegetables, all in a healthy manner. Plus, the keep warm setting ensures your food is ready to enjoy for hours, perfect for feeding guests at gatherings. Non-Stick Inner Pot: Cooking becomes easier and healthier with the non-stick inner pot. You'll use less oil, and cleanup is a breeze. Bowl Included for Steaming Foods: Experiment with different cooking methods using the included steaming bowl. It's a versatile addition to your culinary arsenal. Spoon & Measuring Cup Included: We've thought of everything. A spoon and measuring cup are included, so you have the tools you need for perfectly cooked rice every time.


  • NEW Quest Nutri-Q 35650 Omelette Maker AT NAPEV GH

    Quest Nutri-Q 35650 Omelette Maker

    Creating delicious and healthy omelettes, scrambled eggs, and fried eggs has never been easier thanks to the Dual Omelette Maker. Whether you're preparing a quick snack or a full dinner, this kitchen appliance streamlines the process and ensures your meals are cooked to perfection. Here's why it's an essential addition to your kitchen: Key Features: Dual Compartments: The omelette maker features two separate compartments, each equipped with marble-coated, non-stick hot plates. This design allows you to cook two servings simultaneously, making it perfect for households of any size. Healthy Cooking: The non-stick plates eliminate the need for oils or fats during the cooking process. This makes it a healthier option for preparing your favorite egg dishes. Automatic Temperature Control: The omelette maker's plates are thermostatically controlled. They heat up automatically, and a light indicator on the machine signals when they're ready for your egg mixture. Versatile Use: While it excels at making omelettes, you can also use this machine to cook scrambled and fried eggs. It's a versatile addition to your kitchen, offering multiple cooking options. Easy Cleanup: Once you're done cooking, simply let the plates cool, and then wipe them clean. Cleanup is a breeze, ensuring a stress-free cooking experience. Secure Locking Clip: The omelette maker is equipped with a locking clip to secure the machine during use. This feature prevents any leakage and keeps your egg mixture inside the moulds. Compact and Convenient: The machine is designed for easy storage. It can be stored upright until your next use. With a 1-year guarantee, it's built to last. Powerful Performance: The omelette maker is mains operated with a power output of 700W, ensuring quick and efficient cooking. It features a 0.85-meter wire for convenient plug placement. Enjoy perfectly cooked eggs and omelettes without the hassle. The Dual Omelette Maker simplifies the process, making it an ideal choice for busy individuals and families. Plus, its healthy cooking features are a bonus for those looking to reduce their oil and fat intake.


  • NEW Quest 16530 3 Pot Electric Slow Cooker, Buffet Server & Food Warmer AT NAPEV GH

    Quest 16530 3 Pot Electric Slow Cooker, Buffet Server & Food Warmer

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    The Quest Electric Slow Cooker Buffet Server is a versatile kitchen appliance designed to make cooking, serving, and keeping food warm convenient and efficient. This 3-pot slow cooker is perfect for various occasions, such as parties, gatherings, or family dinners. Here's what sets it apart: Key Features: Three Independent Cooking Pots: This slow cooker features three separate 2.5-liter ceramic pots, each with its own heating element and temperature control. You can cook three different dishes simultaneously, saving you time and energy. Mix and match your culinary creations to suit your preferences and those of your guests. Built-In Spoon Slots and Lid Stands: The ceramic pots are equipped with spoon slots and lid stands for your convenience. These features make it easy to store spoons and ladles during cooking and keep the pot lids within easy reach when needed. Dishwasher Safe Pots and Lids: Cleaning up after your culinary creations is a breeze. Both the ceramic pots and their corresponding lids are dishwasher safe, ensuring quick and easy cleanup. "Cool Touch" Handles: The Quest Buffet Server is designed with safety in mind. It features "cool touch" handles, allowing you to move and serve the pots without the risk of burns. This ensures that you can serve your dishes with confidence. Non-Slip Feet: To enhance stability and prevent accidents, the device is equipped with non-slip feet. This feature keeps the buffet server securely anchored to your work surface during use. Three Heat Settings: The appliance offers three individual heat settings, including "keep warm," "low," and "high." These settings allow you to control the temperature for each pot according to your recipe's requirements. Stainless Steel Finish: The buffet server boasts an attractive stainless steel finish that complements your kitchen decor and adds a touch of elegance to your serving area. The Quest Electric Slow Cooker Buffet Server is a practical and versatile addition to your kitchen. Whether you're hosting a gathering, enjoying a family dinner, or simply looking for a way to prepare multiple dishes with ease, this buffet server has you covered. It combines convenience, safety, and efficiency to make cooking and serving a seamless experience.

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  • Commercial Rice Cooker | Napev

    Commercial Rice Cooker

    The 10L commercial rice cooker is an essential appliance for restaurants, caterers, and other food establishments that require a large amount of cooked rice. This high-capacity rice cooker is designed to cook up to 20 cups of rice at once, making it ideal for busy kitchens that need to prepare large quantities of rice quickly and efficiently.  The commercial rice cooker features a durable construction that can withstand frequent use, and it is easy to clean and maintain. The cooker also includes features such as a non-stick inner pot and automatic shut-off to prevent overcooking and keep the rice warm until it's ready to serve. With its compact size and user-friendly controls, the 10L commercial rice cooker is a reliable and efficient way to cook rice in large quantities, saving time and effort in busy commercial kitchens.


  • Quest Egg Cooker & Poacher 34360 | Napev

    Quest Egg Cooker & Poacher 34360

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    The NUTRI-Q EGG COOKER is a versatile 360W multi-egg cooker that allows you to easily cook fresh eggs for the entire family. Whether you prefer soft, medium, or hard-boiled eggs, or even omelettes and poached eggs, this egg cooker has you covered for breakfast, lunch, or dinner.   With the capacity to cook up to 7 eggs at once, the egg cooker is efficient and time-saving. The entire cooking process takes approximately 6-12 minutes. The machine also comes with poaching and omelette tray attachments, making it equally as simple to poach eggs or create delicious omelettes.   Using hot steam to cook the eggs, the egg boiler comes with instructions and a measuring cup to guide you on the amount of water required depending on the number of eggs. It also features an auto power-off function that ensures your eggs are cooked to perfection and ready to serve.   Cleaning up is a breeze with the easy-to-clean design of the electric egg cooker. Non-stick rubber feet keep it securely anchored to any kitchen surface, preventing it from slipping off during the cooking process. The device features a stylish stainless-steel finish and a metallic lid, making it a complementary addition to any kitchen.

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  • Quesr Nutri-Q Egg Cooker 31739 | Napev

    Quest Nutri-Q Egg Cooker 31739

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    The NUTRI-Q EGG COOKER is a versatile kitchen appliance with 360W power, perfect for cooking fresh eggs for the whole family. With the ability to easily make soft, medium, or hard-boiled eggs, as well as omelettes and poached eggs, you can enjoy a variety of egg dishes for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. This egg cooker allows you to cook up to 7 eggs at once, and the entire process takes approximately 6-12 minutes. It also comes with poaching and omelette tray attachments, making it convenient to prepare poached eggs or delicious omelettes. The egg boiler utilizes hot steam to cook the eggs and includes instructions to guide you on the amount of water required based on the number of eggs. It also comes with a handy measuring cup for easy water measurement and features an auto-power-off function when your eggs are ready to serve, ensuring safety and convenience. Cleaning the electric egg cooker is a breeze, thanks to its easy-to-clean design and non-stick rubber feet that anchor it to any kitchen surface, preventing slips during the cooking process. The device features a minimalist white design with a clear lid, making it a stylish addition to any kitchen.

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  • Salter Omelette Maker EK2699 | Napev

    Salter Omelette Maker EK2699

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    The Salter Omelette Maker and Multi Grill is a versatile kitchen appliance that can help you create fluffy omelettes and a variety of other grilled dishes with ease.  With its rapid heat up and capability to reach temperatures up to 200°, it ensures efficient and safe cooking, thanks to the power-on and ready indicator lights.  The aluminium non-stick cooking plates make cleaning a breeze, and the sleek silver exterior adds a touch of elegance to your kitchen.  Measuring just 23l x 22w x 11h cm, it's compact and comes with non-slip feet for stability, as well as integrated cord storage for convenience.  Plus, it includes a fantastic selection of recipes to inspire you, ranging from healthy vegetarian omelettes to decadent sweet desserts, making it a great addition to your kitchen arsenal.

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  • Quest Multi Function Cooker 40cm 35500 | Napev

    Quest Multi Function Cooker 40cm 35500

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    MULTI-FUNCTION ELECTRIC PAN – This Multi-Function Electric Cooker Pan allows you to cook all different kinds of meals! You can use the pan to fry, sauté, simmer and brown all sorts of different foods, whether they’re meals for one or meals for larger groups. ADJUSTABLE THERMOSTATIC CONTROL – The pan offers full control over the cooking temperature, with a temperature range between 100°C and 240°C to ensure a perfect finish. The cool touch handle allows you to safely move the pan afterwards regardless of temperature, and the detachable power cable enables you to move the pan to a table for serving. STRONG GLASS LID – A toughened glass lid is included with the pan, safely keeping any food inside while allowing you to easily view the contents of the pan. The lid also features steam vents, helping to prevent any safety risks when removing the lid from the pan. NON-STICK SURFACE – The pan’s surface measures 40 x 40cm, giving plenty of cooking space, and is also non-stick, allowing you to easily move any food from the pan to the plate while making cleaning much easier afterwards.

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  • Last stock! Quest Stainless Steel Slow Cooker, 5.5L | Napev

    Quest Stainless Steel Slow Cooker, 5.5L

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    Get hearty dinners cooking in this 5L slow cooker and enjoy a delicious flavoursome meal as soon as you get home. A great economical appliance, it allows you to only use the energy you need for your dish, instead of heating a whole oven. It works by trapping the condensation which then acts as a self-baster, so traditionally tough cuts of meat become tender and succulent – and all you need to do is add your ingredients to the pot, then leave it to work its magic. The glass lid prevents water from escaping to help keep all the nutrients locked in, which means your food absorbs all the stocks and spices, giving it a mouth-wateringly full flavour.

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  • Quest Nutri-Q 31729 Multi-Functional Egg Cooker, Poacher & Omelette Maker | Napev

    Quest Nutri-Q 31729 Multi-Functional Egg Cooker, Poacher & Omelette Maker

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    How do you Like Your Eggs in the Morning? Soft, Medium and Hard Boiled Eggs, Scrambled, Poached and Mini Omelettes - This egg cooker can do them all!! The Nutri-Q Egg cooker has proved hugely popular with people who want to cook healthily and quickly. Eating a wide range of foods ensures that you're getting a balanced diet and your body is receiving all of the nutrients it needs. No additional oils or fats are required so this is the perfect appliance to use as part of a healthy lifestyle. The Nutri-Q Egg boiler makes the perfect eggs with none of the guesswork! Make the ultimate poached or scrambled eggs with the minimum effort!

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  • Quest 12L Halogen Cooker

    Quest 12L Halogen Cooker

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    The Quest Halogen Oven energy an efficient, portable oven that will cook, bake and grill almost any food to complete perfection. It also allows fat to drain for healthier meals. The halogen oven cooks up to 2-3 times faster than standard ovens - minus the hot and cold spots you can get with microwave cooking. With the variable temperature control, you're a lot less likely to burn food. Best of all, the unique cleaning function means no washing up!    What's included; Halogen Lid Glass Bowl Handled Stand Low Food Rack High Food Rack Set of Tongs   Features: 12L Capacity Thermostatically controlled - up to 250 degrees Lid Handle with safety on/off function 60 Minute timer Self Cleaning mode Toughened Glass Non-Slip feet We have compiled a list of the best halogen ovens for sale in Ghana. Gas stoves are very popular because they use less energy than other cooking methods. They also provide more heat than traditional stoves. However, gas stoves aren't as efficient at heating water as electric stoves. If you plan to make soup, pasta, or rice, then a gas stove isn't the best choice.

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  • Quest Air Fryer 5 in 1 36609 | Napev

    Quest Air Fryer 5 in 1 36609

    This 5 in 1 appliance with a timeless stainless-steel finish features an air fryer, rotisserie oven and dehydrator and can roast and bake, so you can cook all your favourite foods to perfection. The oven's large 12L capacity is enough to feed the whole family. It has an adjustable temperature ranging from 80-200°C and high speed 360° heat rotation. Select from the 10 pre-set cooking programmes via the easy-to-use digital controls. There is also a 90-minute timer function that will alert you with a bell ring once ready. For safety, the oven features automatic switch-off and overheat protection   ADJUSTABLE TEMP AND LARGE CAPACITY - The oven's large 12L capacity is enough to feed the whole family, allowing you to prepare healthy, low-fat versions of your favourite foods using up to 80% less oil.   It has an adjustable temperature ranging from 80-200°C and its high speed 360° heat rotation cooks food evenly and quickly   ACCESSORIES INCLUDED - The oven comes with accessories including 3 x grill racks, 1 x rotisserie fork, 1 x handle to safely pull out the rotisserie, 1 fat and oil collection drip tray   DIGITAL DISPLAY AND 10 MODES - Select from the 10 pre-set cooking programmes via easy-to-use digital controls.   90-minute timer function which will alert you with a bell ring once ready.


  • Quest Rice Cooker 2.5L 35450 | Napev

    Quest Rice Cooker 2.5L 35450

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    Cook your rice to perfection every time with this handy family-sized rice cooker. In classic white to suit most styles of kitchen décor, it has a clear lid so you can see how your rice is cooking, along with an auto keep-warm function which is ideal if the rest of your meal isn’t quite ready yet. It also has a non-stick bowl so you can wash up easily and effortlessly after your dinner. 

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  • Kenwood food processor FP120 | napev

    Kenwood food processor FP120

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    About the Food Processor FP120 The Kenwood Food Processor FP120 has a variable speed control knob that lets users choose between low, medium, and high speeds. The unit also has an automatic shut-off feature that prevents overheating. A removable storage tray helps keep the blades clean and free of debris. The unit also includes a recipe book that contains hundreds of recipes.  Practical The Food Processor FP120 has a white and grey finish and comes with a 400W motor, a 1.4-litre bowl with 800ml working capacity, and a great range of attachments for chopping and grating vegetables.   Quick and simple This useful kitchen accessory will quickly take care of all those slicing, chopping, whisking and grating tasks so that you have more time to cook and serve great food. The sharp, stainless steel blade will cut through those little everyday preparation jobs in no time. There is a safety interlock to make sure the motor doesn't start until the bowl lid is firmly fixed in place.

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  • Quset 1.8L Rice Cooker | napev

    Quest 1.8L Rice Cooker

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    This 1.8L rice cooker is the perfect kitchen assistant for those people looking for a quick and easy way to make rice. The rice cooker features a sleek and modern white outer shell design and has a clear lid which allows you to check on the progress of the cooking without needing to remove the lid and lose any heat. The 1.8-litre rice bowl is non-stick and fully detachable from the cooking unit, allowing you to place the bowl in the centre of the dining table if you are having guests round for tea. PLEASE NOTE the detachable bowl IS NOT dishwasher safe, so needs to be cleaned by hand. Features: 1.8L Capacity Non-stick removable bowl Warm & Cook Indicators Glass lid Includes measuring cup & spatula

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  • KitchenPerfected 0.8L Rice Cooker

    KitchenPerfected 0.8L Rice Cooker

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    Non-stick removable rice bowl Toughened glass lid with stainless steel rim Keep warm feature Warm & cook indicators Includes measuring cup & spatula Recipes included Digital Control System Capacity: 0.8ltr (approximately 4 cups) Power: 350w Colour: white (WH) Packaging: gift box

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    Kenwood Multipro Classic Food Processor

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    Save valuable time and space in your kitchen Featuring a 3-litre bowl, a 1.5-litre thermo-resistant blender, a wide variety of attachments to help you chop, grate, knead and juice, and the ability to weigh ingredients straight into the bowl with the built-in scales, this compact but versatile all-metal food processor will cut down your food preparation time.   Making food preparation simpler The Multipro FDM791 includes a 3-litre bowl perfect for family-sized meals, 5 food processor discs, a 0.5-litre mini bowl perfect for chopping small quantities and a 1.5-litre thermo-resistant blender great for making ice-cold smoothies or hot soups with no risk of cracking. To make things even easier and to help you save space in your kitchen, both the bowl and the blender can be run from a single drive. The powerful 1000W motor and 8 variable speed settings, plus pulse, give you total control over your cooking for perfect results every time. And the durable die-cast all-metal body is sure to fit in with any kitchen style.   Create more exciting meals, faster, with multiple attachments The Multipro FDM791 comes with a wide variety of attachments to help you get more from your food. Use the stainless steel knife blades to chop onions and meats for tasty casseroles, slice or grate vegetables with the included reversible discs, whisk cream or mousses with the dual metal whisk and even knead bread and pastry mixes with the dough tool. In addition, enjoy fresh orange juice with the citrus press, make crispy chips with the French fry food processor disc and save space by neatly storing all your attachments in the dedicated storage box.

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    Tefal Rice Cooker 1.8L

    The convenient Tefal Cool Touch Rice Cooker features a control panel of three settings; a cooking indicator, an automatic keep warm indicator and a control switch that makes the Tefal Cool Touch user-friendly. Tefal’s Cooltouch glass lid with a plastic handle will also allow you to see the evolution of the cooking to match your tastes ideally. This rice cooker has a cool wall body and nonslip feet that will ensure complete safety when cooking in a busy environment. This rice cooker is also easy to clean thanks to its removable and dishwasher-safe parts. Automatic keep-warm function and removable dishwasher-safe parts. Can serve between 10 and 20 portions. Includes; 1 x Measuring Cup 1 x Steam Basket 1 x Instruction Booklet 1 x Spoon


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