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    SKK Series 1 5Pcs Set

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    Introducing the SKK Series 1 5Pcs Cookware Set, the perfect addition to your kitchen. This set includes 5 essential pieces of high-quality cookware, featuring non-stick surfaces for easy food release and cleaning. Crafted from premium stainless steel, this German-made cookware is durable and built to last. Designed to work with induction cooktops, the SKK Series 1 Cookware Set is versatile and suitable for a variety of cooking needs. Whether you're a seasoned chef or a beginner, this set has everything you need to cook up a storm. Upgrade your kitchen with the SKK Series 1 Kitchen Essentials and experience the joy of cooking with top-of-the-line cookware. Professional stainless steel - for energy-efficient cooking Perfect cooking results Quick and easy to clean Sophisticated, modern design Extremely durable, stable, shockproof and scratch-resistant

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    SKK Series 11 Cast Cooking Set

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    Series 11 products join traditional, stress-free hand casting with our advanced and premium non-stick surface coating Diamond 3000 Plus Non-Stick. This combination guarantees you the perfect cooking results while offering the highest possible strength and durability. All of our products are characterised by quick and even heat distribution all the way to the edges of the cookware and exceptional thermal conductivity. This leads to perfect cooking results with optimum energy efficiency. The outstanding non-stick effect allows you to prepare low-fat, healthy dishes without them sticking to the cookware. Series 11 meets all of the demands of modern cooking.   Non-Stick coating system A unique, four-layer non-stick coating system. This coating system complies with all requirements of a professional. The material is highly reinforced based on particles that have the structure of a diamond, extremely long-lasting with no degradation of non-stick performance, highest scratch resistance and top corrosion resistance which leaves nothing open to be desired. A coating system for the most intensive and professional use with 5 years warranty (according to our use- and care instructions). Unique coatings system: Top-Coat Mid-Coat Primer Base-layer Specially prepared raw body   Set includes:  Saucepot 28/16cm w/lid Saucepot 26/15cm w/lid Saucepot 24/12cm w/lid Saucepan 20/12cm w/lid

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  • Pyrex Essentials 3 Piece Casserole Set | Napev

    Pyrex Essentials 3 Piece Casserole Set

    This high-quality Pyrex set features 3 sizes of clear casserole dishes to meet a whole range of cooking needs. Perfect for family cooking, they're a great investment for your kitchen.  Small casserole dish - 1-litre capacity, size L21, W17.5, D8.3cm. Medium casserole dish - 1.6-litre capacity, size L23.8, W20.2, D9.8cm. Large casserole dish - 2.3-litre capacity, size L26.7, W23.2, D10.8cm.


  • Circulon Total 3-Piece Stainless Steel Pan Set | Napev

    Circulon Total 3-Piece Stainless Steel Pan Set

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    Exceptional cooking for life with the Circulon Total Stainless Steel 3 Piece Non-Stick Saucepan Set. This pan set is the next generation of non-stick, featuring a specially formulated 3-layer, circular technology system for exceptional food release. No oil is necessary. Our innovative non-stick formula is long-lasting. Crafted from heavy-gauge stainless steel, it is exceptionally durable cookware. It features an extra-thick steel base which heats quickly with no hot spots. Suitable for all hobs including induction and oven-safe up to 180°C/350°F/gas mark 4.  The handles have been tested and re-tested for durability and safety. As pioneers in the non-stick cookware industry, we have spent the last 30 years constantly innovating, testing, researching and refining our products to ensure we bring you the best cookware for your culinary needs.  Whether it is a mid-week supper or a special dining occasion, food lovers everywhere trust Circulon to help them create the perfect dish for family and friends.  Package contents:  1 x Circulon Total Stainless Steel Saucepan and pan lid, 16 cm 1 x Circulon Total Stainless Steel Saucepan and pan lid, 18 cm  1 x Circulon Total Stainless Steel Saucepan and pan lid, 20 cm  The Product Details Circular technology non-stick pans Specially formulated non-stick system Dishwasher-safe Pan and handles oven-safe up to 180°C/350°F/gas mark 4 Suitable for all hob types Lifetime guarantee Item number: 76608

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  • SQ Professional Dorado 5 Piece Aluminium Casserole Set | napev

    SQ Professional Dorado 5 Piece Aluminium Casserole Set

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    The Dorado casserole set is a must-have for all large and commercial kitchens! In a huge array of larger sizes, holding up to 93 litres, the Dorado casserole set is designed to withstand daily use for large quantities of cooking. Forged from high-quality aluminium, the set is helpfully lightweight considering their size, making them easy to move around the kitchen. The material and design of these timeless pans allow for supreme heat conductivity and distribution. The pans will heat up quickly and evenly allowing for exceptional cooking results day in, day out.  The riveted handles offer extra stability and strength to hold the weight of the cooking inside.In a wide range of larger sizes, there is sure to be something to suit a variety of everyday needs in large and busy kitchens.   The set consists of: 45 cm / 36 Litre 50 cm / 50 Litre 55 cm / 64 Litre 60 cm / 86 Litre 63 cm / 93 Litre

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    SKK Series 6 Cast Cooking Set

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    Series 6 Cast cookware combines all of the positive characteristics you expect from your cookware: rapid, even heat distribution in the pan and energy-efficient food preparation. With Series 6 you will achieve perfect results in the kitchen with virtually no effort. To ensure that the advantages of aluminium – optimum conductivity and lightweight – can also be used on induction hobs, a thin layer of stainless steel 18/0 is integrated into the bottom of the pot. SKK combines healthy cooking and long-lasting products with quality and optimum cooking results. Aluminium cast cookware for energy-efficient cooking Quick and easy to clean thanks to the non-stick coating Enables fat-free cooking Cover made of safety glass PFOA-free non-stick coating Recyclable materials Set contains: 20/9,5 cm stockpot with lid,24/11.5 cm stockpot with lid,28/12 cm stockpot with lid,28/8 cm casserole with a lid28/6 cm shallow fry pan

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