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  • Premier Chrome Toilet Roll Holder - Napev

    Premier Chrome Toilet Roll Holder

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    The free standing toilet roll holder is a stylish yet practical way to keep your loo roll close to hand.  A sturdy base ensures the holder stays stable even when in use.   

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  • Premier Omega Tall Toilet Roll Holder - Napev

    Premier Omega Tall Toilet Roll Holder

    Omega toilet roll holder Product dimensions: 14 x 50cm Brand new packed chrome tall toilet roll store stylish design


  • Blue Canyon Toilet Roll Holder | Napev

    Blue Canyon Toilet Roll Holder

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    100% STAINLESS STEEL FREESTANDING DESIGN: With its freestanding structure, our design facilitates effortless setup and eliminates the necessity for wall attachment, providing a practical option for tenants or individuals who prefer not to drill holes in their walls. Our toilet paper dispenser integrated with storage offers convenience, ensuring a tidy bathroom environment. EASY INSTALLATION: Our toilet roll storage unit offers effortless assembly and portability, enabling you to place it wherever you find it most convenient. It requires no drilling, screwing, glueing, or any actions that could result in wall damage or mess. These freestanding toilet roll holders are perfectly suited for accommodating toilet rolls of any size.  WEIGHTED BASE: Thanks to its weighted base, our product offers excellent stability, effectively preventing any tipping and ensuring that your toilet paper remains easily accessible whenever you need it. The compact and space-efficient design occupies very little floor space, making it a perfect fit for small bathrooms or powder rooms, where maximizing space is crucial. STAINLESS STEEL: The use of premium stainless steel in the construction of our product guarantees exceptional durability and rust resistance, effectively preventing corrosion and ensuring that your holder maintains its attractive appearance. This feature makes it a worthwhile and long-lasting investment for your bathroom. STURDY HOLDER: With its robust construction, our holder offers unwavering stability, eliminating any wobbling and providing a secure and dependable storage solution for your toilet paper. The elevated base serves the purpose of keeping the rolls dry, protecting them from any spills or moisture on the floor.

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  • Sabichi Milano Toilet Roll Holder - Napev

    Sabichi Milano Toilet Roll Holder

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    Add a touch of elegance to your bathroom with Sabichi. The Milano bathroom ware range has a beautiful chrome finish. This elegant-looking toilet roll holder will leave your bathroom looking stylish & sophisticated. Part of the Milano bathroom collection.

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  • Brabantia ReNew Toilet Roll Dispenser | Bathroom accessories

    Brabantia ReNew Toilet Roll Dispenser

    Uphold your style standards even in the smallest room of your house with this minimalist Brabantia ReNew Toilet Roll Dispenser. Free-standing and designed to hold 3 spare toilet rolls. Its closed body protects the rolls from dust and splashes - very hygienic, and very discreet. On a roll! Benefits & Features Never run out of paper - room for 3 spare rolls. Easy in, easy out - the thought-out design fits all regular roll sizes. Discreet - body keeps rolls out of sight and protected. Stands stable, non-scratching - plastic base. Ideal for humid areas - made of corrosion-resistant materials. Planet-friendly - Cradle-to-Cradle® Certified, Bronze level. More sustainable choice - made of 36% recycled materials, 96% recyclable after use.


  • Sabichi Chrome Toilet Roll Holder | Napev

    Sabichi Chrome Toilet Roll Holder

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    Keep your bathroom organised with an extensive range of bathroom accessories by Sabichi.  This chrome-plated toilet roll spike is a real space saver, holding up to 4 rolls.

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