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  • Prestige Smartplus 6L Pressure Cooker | Appliance | Napev

    Prestige Smartplus 6L Pressure Cooker

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    No one knows more about Pressure Cookers than Prestige. The brand is firmly rooted in the origins of pressure cooking and has been developing the product for many years. This hard anodized non-stick Smartplus 6l pressure cooker features: Mechanical locking drive Two pressure cooker settings - 8lb & 12lb for versatility when cooking Visual pressure indicator Directional pressure regulator Gasket release system for additional safety Manufactured from heavy-gauge hard-anodized aluminium for incredible durability

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  • SKK cast pressure cooker 22/18 cm, 6 ltrs. | Cooking utensil

    SKK Cast Pressure Cooker 22/18 cm, 6ltrs

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    Cast aluminium body which enables even heat distribution Reduces cooking time by up to 70% Uses up to 50% less energy than conventional cooking Maximum non-stick due to our special coating Easy-to-clean silicone ring Preserves the taste of your food Preserves vitamins while cooking Suitable for ceramic, electric, gas and halogen hobs

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  • Prestige Smart Plus 6L Stainless Steel Pressure Cooker |

    Prestige Smart Plus 6L Stainless Steel Pressure Cooker

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    Cook, delicious, tasty food up to 70% faster and save on your energy bills!   FASTER COOKING & SAVE ON ENERGY BILLS - This handy piece of kit can save on your household bills by cooking, delicious, tasty food up to 70% faster than traditional cooking methods. HEALTHIER MEALS - Steam builds up inside the airtight pan, creating pressure that cooks ingredients whilst locking in nutrients. TWO SETTINGS - Comes with two weights for 8lb and 12lb pressure cooking. VERSATILE - From traditional beef brisket or sticky chicken wings to jams, chutneys and even bread! All are cooked quickly and simply, with easy cleanup. SAFETY FEATURES - Stay cool handles & a mechanical lock and are combined with a directional pressure indicator, for safe steam release. INDUCTION SUITABLE - Unlike the aluminium versions, our stainless steel pressure cooker is suitable for ALL hob types, including induction. QUICK & EASY - Throw your ingredients in and cook food in minutes, with minimal cleanup. Pressure cooking is simple & easy, saving you time for the things that matter.

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