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  • Last stock! Sabichi TeaSet

    Sabichi TeaSet

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    This simple, stylish and sophisticated bone china collection is ideal for all dining occasions. Pour your tea with grace and elegance with our white teapot. Understated elegance, brought to you by our Sabichi homemakers. Set Includes:  Teapot (1.2ltr) Sugar & Creamer

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  • London Square Tea set

    London Square Tea set

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    White Porcelain Set includes: Teapot Sugar Bowl Creamer  


  • Elia Stainless Steel Teaset

    Elia Stainless Steel Teaset

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    A modern and contemporary alternative to traditional china tea and coffee service methods, this Elia tea set is perfect for everyday use at home or commercial use.  18/10 stainless steel Polished Heat dissipating handle Set includes Teapot Coffee pot Sugar & Creamer Tray

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  • Blue Willow Tea set

    Blue Willow Tea set

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    The Legend of Blue Willow is depicted in this classic collection. Without a doubt one of the world's most famous tableware designs, it is currently experiencing a resurgence as the trend for nostalgia embraces the classic style for contemporary interiors. The Blue Willow pattern is a distinctive and elaborate chinoiserie that tells a story about eternal love that's not forgotten. The unique versatility of this china makes it uniquely suited for everyday use or formal occasions.

    4 in stock


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