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    Simplehuman Wide View Sensor Mirror Pro

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    Our sensor mirror pro wide view has a wide viewing area with side panels that fold in so you can see yourself from almost any angle plus a 10x magnification detail mirror for close-up work. With a colour rendering index (CRI) of 90, its tru-lux light system closely simulates natural sunlight’s full-colour spectrum to show every detail. Capable of over 50,000 colour variations, you can use the phone to choose presets or capture light settings from the environment around you and recreate them in the mirror. And it is wifi-enabled so you can access the mirror’s smart features. The mirror easily recharges and one charge lasts up to 4 weeks.

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    Simplehuman Sensor Mirror Compact

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    Allowing you to see yourself in the best light possible (wherever you may be!), this luxe Compact Sensor Mirror is a must-have for any make-up maven who is constantly on the go. Delivered with a sleek pouch, the light automatically turns on and off once removed/inserted into the pouch.  There’s also a comfortable finger ring so you can hold your mirror (securely!) or, rest it on a surface when you need to go hands-free. Finally, there’s also 3x magnification – ideal for grooming ("Hello, errant eyebrows!") – that gives you a dauntingly detailed close-up of your visage. 

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