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  • Quest Mini Pancake Maker & Grill 35319 | Napev

    Quest Mini Pancake Maker & Grill 35319

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    Entertain your guests with delicious mini pancakes using this grill. Featuring 6 moulds, you'll be serving up tasty treats for all in no time. Each of the moulds is non-stick, making it easy to remove your freshly cooked food from the plates when ready, and also making it simple to clean - all you'll need to do is wipe it down with a cloth. The design is convenient and simple, being operated by a simple on-off switch, with a detachable power cord that allows you to move the grill to a table or another surface for easier serving.

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  • Quest Pancake/Crépe Maker |

    Quest Pancake/Crépe Maker

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    ELECTRIC PANCAKE MAKER – This electric pancake maker is the perfect kitchen appliance to provide you with delicious homemade pancakes and crepes in just a matter of minutes.   NON-STICK HOT PLATE – This pancake and crepe maker features a 12” non-stick hot plate that will cook your sweet treats perfectly, and not have them stick to the base during the cooking process. Once you’ve made your pancakes the surface is super easy to wipe clean once cooled down.   RAISED EDGES – The surround of the electric pancake maker hot plate is slightly raised to keep your mixture on the hot plate and reduce spillage/waste. The hot plate reaches temperatures of up to 220°C and has an adjustable temperature gauge so you can cook the perfect pancakes your way.   VERSATILE APPLIANCE – Not only does this hot plate cook delicious pancakes and crepes, but it is also suitable to make omelettes, chapattis, & rotas, among many others. In order to create the perfect pancake, the set comes complete with a wooden spreader and spatula.

    4 in stock


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