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  • Last stock! Quest Rotisserie Grill

    Quest Rotisserie Grill

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    The Quest Rotisserie Grill is perfect for cooking kebabs, chicken, vegetables, fish and much more.  It includes 7 individual skewers plus a central main skewer for larger items such as chickens.  The 360°C rotation feature helps cook your food quicker and more evenly than in a conventional oven & fat drains away into the drip tray meaning that it is easy to prepare healthy meals and is also very easy to clean. The Rotisserie Grill is compact and powerful and ideal for use at home.  Fitted with an adjustable 60-minute timer, so you can set it running and not worry about it keeping going if you forget it’s running. FEATURES: 21L Capacity Sliding glass door with auto shut-off Stainless steel heating elements 60-minute timer Accessories included Anti-slip feet

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  • Quest Air Fryer 5 in 1 36609 | Napev

    Quest Air Fryer 5 in 1 36609

    This 5 in 1 appliance with a timeless stainless-steel finish features an air fryer, rotisserie oven and dehydrator and can roast and bake, so you can cook all your favourite foods to perfection. The oven's large 12L capacity is enough to feed the whole family. It has an adjustable temperature ranging from 80-200°C and high speed 360° heat rotation. Select from the 10 pre-set cooking programmes via the easy-to-use digital controls. There is also a 90-minute timer function that will alert you with a bell ring once ready. For safety, the oven features automatic switch-off and overheat protection   ADJUSTABLE TEMP AND LARGE CAPACITY - The oven's large 12L capacity is enough to feed the whole family, allowing you to prepare healthy, low-fat versions of your favourite foods using up to 80% less oil.   It has an adjustable temperature ranging from 80-200°C and its high speed 360° heat rotation cooks food evenly and quickly   ACCESSORIES INCLUDED - The oven comes with accessories including 3 x grill racks, 1 x rotisserie fork, 1 x handle to safely pull out the rotisserie, 1 fat and oil collection drip tray   DIGITAL DISPLAY AND 10 MODES - Select from the 10 pre-set cooking programmes via easy-to-use digital controls.   90-minute timer function which will alert you with a bell ring once ready.


  • Quest Teppanyaki Grill 35490 | Napev

    Quest Teppanyaki Grill 35490

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    This teppanyaki grill with 2000W of power provides a unique and enjoyable home cooking experience, allowing you and your guests to cook your food at your tabletop and enjoy leisurely dining. It's perfect for parties or for taking along on caravanning trips and comes with a convenient drip tray and 8 spatulas. The large non-stick surface requires minimal oil for cooking, making it easy to create delicious and nutritious meals with minimal fuss, and cleanup is a breeze. The adjustable thermostat gives you complete control over grilling your food to your desired specifications, and the detachable cord makes it easy to bring to the table when ready to serve. The grill also features a cool touch handle and non-slip feet for safety. With a generous cooking area of 47cm x 26cm, there's plenty of room to cook a variety of ingredients like meat, vegetables, and eggs on its flat surface, which browns food on the outside while keeping it juicy and full of flavour on the inside. Additional features include a non-stick hot plate, multi-functional use, a medium-sized cooking area suitable for small families, and a drip tray for added convenience.

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  • Quest Deluxe Health Grill 35609 | Napev

    Quest Deluxe Health Grill 35609

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    DELUXE HEALTH GRILL AND PANINI PRESS – This Deluxe Health Grill features non-stick, marble-finished cooking plates and a hinged lid for healthy and versatile cooking. Reaching temperatures of 240℃, use this healthy grill for cooking thicker cuts of meat, fish, steaks, vegetables and filled sandwiches & paninis. There is no need to use oil for cooking as the plates alone will cook the food. AUTOMATIC TEMPERATURE CONTROL – The automatic temperature control will allow you to achieve the perfect level of cooking, depending on your choice of food. The red-light indicator lets you know when your food is ready. NON-STICK PLATES AND DRIP TRAY – The non-stick marble-coated plates make the grill easy to keep clean. Its floating hinge system means that the top and bottom plates are heated so the lid can float above thicker food types to ensure your food is evenly cooked. The grill also has a handy drip tray to collect any excess oils and fat. EASY TO USE AND STORE – A cool touch handle and non-slip feet will ensure your comfort and safety when the grill is in use. The grill also locks shut and has a cord wrap for compact storage.

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  • Quest Grill & Griddle 2 in 1 37229 | Napev

    Quest Grill & Griddle 2 in 1 37229

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    2 IN 1 GRILL AND GRIDDLE – This space-saving appliance can be used to cook meat, fish, and vegetables. The folded grill can be used to cook meat or fish faster on both sides. It can also be used to heat paninis/toasties and the floating hinge allows you to grill thicker foods and toast-loaded sandwiches.   NON-STICK AND EASY CLEAN – The grill features a non-stick coating for easy cleaning and healthier eating due to not having to coat food in oils. It also includes a dishwasher-safe grease collection tray, to collect any excess fat and oils while you cook.   GREAT FOR ENTERTAINING – Thanks to the two-in-one function, you can cook lots of food in one go if you have guests to feed. If making breakfast for the family, you can have sausages and bacon on the grill, while your fried eggs, tomatoes, and hash browns are cooking on the griddle. With a 1.2m removable cable wire, it is easy to place the grill in the centre of the dinner table and allow everybody to cook their own food.   TEMPERATURE CONTROL DIAL – For precise and even cooking, use the temperature dial to select your desired temp, with a max temperature of 210°C. The power indicator light displays as red when power is on, and green once the desired temperature has been reached and the grill is ready to use. The grill also ensures minimal smoke while cooking, so you can cook as much as you like without the room becoming smoke-filled.

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  • Gourmia Indoor Grill GHG1600 | Napev

    Gourmia Indoor Grill GHG1600

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    Indoor grilling has never been easier or more efficient thanks to Gourmia’s Electric Halo Halogen Powered Rotating Grill, the ultimate indoor barbeque grill! Enjoy all of the flavours of your favourite grilled foods completely hands-free thanks to innovative technology that ensures your food cooks evenly. Rotating the grill ensures that food will cook evenly and quickly. Experience a winning combination of convenience and superior taste with Gourmia. About The Product: 5 Functions: Defrost, BBQ, Grill, Bake, Reheat Advanced Infrared Heating Technology Non-stick Coated Removable Pan Silicon Cool Touch Edge for Safety Adjustable Temperatures Drip Tray For Easy Cleaning Detachable Baking Pan Rotatable Baking Tray Detachable Power Cord 120v-60hz, 1500w ETL Listed

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  • Quest Mini Pancake Maker & Grill 35319 | Napev

    Quest Mini Pancake Maker & Grill 35319

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    Entertain your guests with delicious mini pancakes using this grill. Featuring 6 moulds, you'll be serving up tasty treats for all in no time. Each of the moulds is non-stick, making it easy to remove your freshly cooked food from the plates when ready, and also making it simple to clean - all you'll need to do is wipe it down with a cloth. The design is convenient and simple, being operated by a simple on-off switch, with a detachable power cord that allows you to move the grill to a table or another surface for easier serving.

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