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    Vileda Turbo Spin Mop Bucket

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    Vileda Turbo Spin Mop The Vileda Turbo spin mop, with a foot pedal operated wringer, helps you to thoroughly clean your floors with minimal effort. Featuring a 2in1 microfibre mop head with unique red strands for extra particle pickup and a deep-down clean. To use, rinse the mop head in the bucket, place it into the wringer whilst holding the handle loosely, then press the foot pedal to spin the wringer and you're ready to go.   Cleans Floors Faster Foot-activated wringing mechanism with a splash protection barrier makes cleaning floors faster than ever. Perfect for use on tiles, wood and lamination.   Turbo 2in1 microfibre mop head Red fibres pick up 20% more particles than standard microfibre yarns (in laboratory tests). The mop head is easily detachable with additional refills available to purchase separately

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  • Titiz Folding Long Handle Dustpan & Brush | Napev

    Titiz Folding Long Handle Dustpan & Brush

    Soft Bristle Brush with Extended 1 Meter Long Handle. Space-Saving Design with Foldable Dustpan. Dustpan Features Soft Rubber Edge for Efficient Cleaning. Convenient Brush Cleaning Comb Included. Versatile for Indoor and Outdoor Floor Cleaning.


  • Sale -2% Glemax Long Handled Dustpan And Brush Set | Napev

    Glemax Long Handled Dustpan And Brush Set

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    Introducing the Convenient Long Handled Dustpan with Easy Assembly! Say Goodbye to Bending with Screw-Together Handles for Effortless Cleaning Soft Bristles Attract Dust and Dirt for Efficient Sweeping Compact Design for Easy Storage Brush/Broom Clips into Dustpan for Neat Organization Bristle Cleaner on Dustpan Removes Excess Dirt and Hairs

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  • Addis Twist Mop Metallic Grey & Mop Head | Napev

    Addis Twist Mop Metallic Grey & Mop Head

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    Easy To Change The mop head is really easy to change which is ideal if you're in need of a refill Versatile This mop is versatile because it can be used on different types of flooring e.g. wood, vinyl, laminate and tile. Self Wringer Feature This mop has a self-wringer feature which is ideal for an easy rinse as you clean.

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    Cif Floor Cleaner Ocean

    Experience the beauty of Cif Ocean Floor Cleaner with its fresh aqua scent, it will leave your floor residue-free and sparkling. Cif Floor cleaners are specially formulated to cut through stubborn dirt on floors and washable surfaces around your home, whether it’s your kitchen, bathroom or living room. CIF Ocean Floor Cleaner is an all-purpose cleaner that can be used on various surfaces such as linoleum, vinyl and ceramic tile and is residue-free to leave a brilliant shine.


  • Addis Twist Mop Refill | Napev

    Addis Twist Mop Refill

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    Efficiently and easily remove tough stains with the Addis Twist Mop Refill. Designed for quick and convenient cleaning, this refill gently lifts and eliminates stubborn stains without any hassle.

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    Rolson Telescopic Window Cleaner & Mop

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    Rolson offers a wide range of tools that are suitable for everyday use by DIY enthusiasts to on-the-job professionals. The seal of approval allows you to feel confident that your chosen product has been manufactured to international standards, which comes well presented in the Rolson branded packaging. Rolson is constantly aiming to increase and improve its catalogue by introducing the most exciting, enhanced and reliable products possible without compromising on its values of quality and safety.

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  • NEW Domestos All Surface Cleaner 1L AT NAPEV GH

    Domestos All Surface Cleaner 1L

    Keep your home clean and smelling fresh with Domestos All Surface Cleaner. This non-bleach cleaner cleans and freshens surfaces while keeping them bacteria and virus free. It kills 99.99% of bacteria and viruses. Domestos cleaner is suitable for use on stainless steel, ceramic, vinyl, stone and metal. Kills 99.99% of bacteria and viruses Cleans and freshens Suitable on ceramic, vinyl and metal Size: 1L


  • NEW Titiz Hand Scrubbing Brush & Handle AT NAPEV GH

    Titiz Hand Scrubbing Brush & Handle

    TTZ Softon Household Cleaning Brush With Handle Assorted Colours, Random Sent


  • NEW Vileda Easy Wring and Clean Turbo 2-in-1 Microfibre Mop Refill Head AT NAPEV GH

    Vileda Easy Wring and Clean Turbo 2-in-1 Microfibre Mop Refill Head

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    Refill for the Vileda Easy Wring and Clean Turbo Complete Set 20% more particle pick up Machine washable Prolong the floor cleaning power of your Vileda Easy Wring and Clean Turbo Set (available to purchase separately) with this Microfibre Refill. Simply click onto your existing Vileda mop handle and power through the floor cleaning thanks to its high absorbency microfibre material. The pad is machine washable and offers 20% more particle pick up with optimal absorbency. *red fibres pick up 20% more particles than white fibres in laboratory tests.


  • NEW Vileda Red Dustpan & Brush AT NAPEV GH

    Vileda Red Dustpan & Brush

    2 in 1 Dustpan SetFlexible lip for effective dirt pick-upBlack bristles for sweeping dust & other small particles. Firmer red bristles for cleaning tougher spots such as corners The 2 in 1 Dustpan Set collects all dirt in one sweep, even in hard to reach places Hard red fibres on the tip for corners, edges and joints.  Ultra thick black fibres for fine dustSlightly curved rubber lip on dustpan sticks perfectly to the floor when pressure is applied. The lip is flexible to allow it to mould to the shape of the floor in order to pick up dust and dirt effectively


  • Marigold Latex Yellow Kitchen Gloves | Napev

    Marigold Latex Yellow Kitchen Gloves

    Ensure your hands stay protected while tackling household chores with the durable Marigold Extra-Life Kitchen Rubber Gloves. These gloves are designed with a soft cotton lining for added comfort, and roll-top cuffs to keep them securely in place, making them perfect for dishwashing and other cleaning tasks. With triple-layer construction, these gloves are built to last, allowing you to complete your chores with ease and confidence. Say goodbye to worn-out gloves and enjoy long-lasting protection with Marigold Extra-Life Kitchen Rubber Gloves.


  • Dr Beckmann Stone & Tile Floor Cleaner 1L | Napev

    Dr Beckmann Stone & Tile Floor Cleaner 1L

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    Clean and protect your natural flooring with Dr. Beckmann Stone & Tile Floor Cleaner. With a gentle bioprotect formula to clean and revitalise floors, it restores a beautiful, natural shine. Important Information Always follow the cleaning and care instructions recommended by the manufacturer of the floor. Always test on an inconspicuous area of the floor prior to use by applying a small amount of the diluted product (use undiluted if intending to use the product using the Intensive Use method) and allowing it to dry completely. If the test area remains unchanged in colour and texture continue with the full application. Do not use on other types of flooring. Keep out of the reach of children. Do not store below 5°C.

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  • NEW Kentucky Mop Bucket Blue 25Ltr at Napev GH

    Kentucky Mop Bucket Blue 25Ltr

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    Lenor In-Wash Scent Boosters provides up to 12 weeks of boosted freshness (in storage), so your clothes stay fresher for longer, infused with your favourite scent.That's because the beads go in at the start of the wash, allowing more scent to slowly infuse into your fabrics as they wash.Try Unstoppables Fresh If you are looking for sparkling citrus and juicy fruits scents wrapped into transparent floral notes.For an optimal use, add Unstoppables into the empty drum before every wash; then add clothes, detergent, fabric conditioner as usual.

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  • NEW Optima Mop Head Plastic AT NAPEV GH

    Optima Mop Head Plastic

    The Optima hygiene mop head 200g is manufactured from a high quality synthetic yarn making it more durable and absorbent than standard mop heads and enabling it to be machine washable. The hygiene mop head has looped and banded ends giving greater floor contact and improved cleaning efficiency. The hygiene mop head has a colour coded socket for ease of identification when used in a hygiene system.


  • Vileda Supermocio Blue Twin Refill Head | Napev

    Vileda Supermocio Blue Twin Refill Head

    The Vileda SuperMocio 3Action XL mop refill with microfibre includes three key cleaning actions for deep-down cleaning and removes 99% bacteria with JUST water*.The red non-scratch scourer removes stubborn dirt, the blue microfibre zone removes greasy residue and the 3D red power dots picks up extra hair and dirt particle.Twin Pack.*Removes E. coli  & S. aureus from hardwood floor and ceramic tile as tested at a 3rd party lab.


  • Addis Long Handle Dustpan & Brush | Napev

    Addis Long Handle Dustpan & Brush

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    This long handle dustpan by Addis is ideal for easy cleaning around your home. The pan doesn’t move so that you can clean in comfort anywhere you need, making this essential for your cleaning kit to make your home dust-free. Long handle - You won't need to bend down with this long-handled brush that will do the hard work for you. Easy to use - Simply take the brush and sweep any debris in your home into the pan before disposing of the rubbish in your bin.  

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  • Apollo Bamboo Handle Brushware- Dustpan & Brush Big

    Apollo Bamboo Handle Brushware- Dustpan & Brush Big

    Keep your house beautiful with these stylish Bamboo Brushes. For crumbs and fluff laying about, we have the two ergonomically-designed sizes of traditional Dustpan & Brush. These look so smart you would be happy to leave them out on show in your home. Big Size


  • Charles Bentley Country Man Coco Hand Brush | napev

    Charles Bentley Country Man Coco Hand Brush

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    The Countryman range is specifically designed to incorporate a variety of different types of quality materials to create a diverse cleaning range. The products in the range have been varnished to protect and prolong the longevity of the product. The broom heads are fitted with a sturdy bracket and handle to maximise durability and robustness. Produced in FSC-certified wood you can be confident that you are buying an environmentally friendly product that helps to protect the world's forests. This exclusive online set comes complete with the Countryman Large Plastic Deep Dustpan which holds more debris and foliage than most standard dustpans, the Countryman 11" Natural Coco Hand brush which is soft on surfaces and gives a sturdy sweep & the Countryman 8" Natural Bassine Hand Scrub Brush which with its natural stiffness from the bassine gives a deep clean on slabs, decking & hardwood surfaces.   Features: All wooden countryman items come varnished for additional protection from the elements Made from FSC-certified wood Environmentally friendly product that helps to protect the world's forests. Comes as part of a set   Includes: Countryman Large Square Plastic Dustpan Countryman 11" Varnished Soft Natural Coco FSC Wooden Hand Brush Countryman 8" Varnished Stiff Natural Bassine FSC Wooden Hand Brush

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