Vileda Turbo Spin Mop Bucket

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Vileda Turbo Spin Mop

The Vileda Turbo spin mop, with a foot pedal operated wringer, helps you to thoroughly clean your floors with minimal effort. Featuring a 2in1 microfibre mop head with unique red strands for extra particle pick up and a deep-down clean.

To use, rinse the mop head in the bucket, place into the wringer whilst holding the handle loosely, then press the foot pedal to spin the wringer and you're ready to go.

Cleans Floors Faster

Foot activated wringing mechanism with splash protection barrier makes cleaning floors faster than ever. Perfect for use on tiles, wood and lamination.

Turbo 2in1 microfibre mop head

Red fibres pick up 20% more particles than standard microfibre yarns (in laboratory tests). Mop head is easily detachable with additional refills available to purchase separately.

A pedal-powered mechanism to wring with ease.Optimal carry handle and pouring spout for easier emptying.Triangular mop heads to clean into hard to reach corners.2-in-1 microfibre head for 20 per cent extra particle pick-up.


A barrier to protect against splashes when wringing.Adjustable handle from 55-130 cm for hard to reach areas / a height that suits you.Pivot joint on the mop heads to get underneath furniture.Easily removable head with additional refills available to purchase separately.