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  • Quest Hand Mixer - White | napev

    Quest Hand Mixer

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    This professional standard hand mixer comes in multiple colours to fit into most home or chef styles. The Quest pro hand mixer is the perfect accessory for your kitchen. It features beaters, dough hook and balloon whisk attachments. There are 5 speed settings and a turbo for full control as needed. There are 5 speed settings and a turbo for full control, allowing you to whip up some cakes in no time at all.

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  • Quest compact stand mixer at napev gh

    Quest compact stand mixer

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    This compact stand mixer is a baker’s delight, as it will easily mix all the ingredients needed to make wonderful cakes, bread, cookies, pastries, muffins and waffles. The automatic mixing bowl has 6 separate speed settings which allow you to easily control the process and has a swivel tilting mechanism which lets you whip up ingredients at a slight angle too. The food mixing bowl holds 3 litres worth of ingredients, and once used it is totally dishwasher friendly, as to are the pastry/dough hooks & twin beaters that also come with the device.  Features 1 x Quest Compact Mixer  2 x Beaters  2 x Dough Hooks  1 x Stainless Steel Bowl

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    Kenwood Chefette Hand mixer HM680

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    Created with versatility and simplicity in mind Designed for cake mixing, the Kenwood Chefette is perfect for those who want to improve their baking skills but who may not have space for a kitchen machine. Use the hand mixer separately for quick convenient mixing or attach it to the specially designed stand with a rotating bowl for larger batches.    Making the everyday special With 5 speed settings and a pulse function, this 350W dedicated blend of hand and stand mixer has all that’s required to create everything from light and fluffy sponges to smooth creamy fondants. Available with a stainless steel 3-litre bowl, with a working capacity of 1.5 litres, this dedicated hand mixer is perfectly designed for baking cakes, pastries or even mixing dough.   All the tools for the job Let your handy kitchen assistant do all the hard work with the bonus of no mess thanks to a unique splash guard, which simply clicks into place above the bowl, allowing for splash-free mixing. The offset beaters make it easy to add ingredients into the bowl whilst continuously mixing and the rotating bowl ensures maximum ingredients are incorporated into the mixture to ensure a smooth, even and perfect consistency every time.

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    Kenwood Multipro Classic Food Processor

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    Save valuable time and space in your kitchen Featuring a 3-litre bowl, a 1.5-litre thermo-resistant blender, a wide variety of attachments to help you chop, grate, knead and juice, and the ability to weigh ingredients straight into the bowl with the built-in scales, this compact but versatile all-metal food processor will cut down your food preparation time.   Making food preparation simpler The Multipro FDM791 includes a 3-litre bowl perfect for family-sized meals, 5 food processor discs, a 0.5-litre mini bowl perfect for chopping small quantities and a 1.5-litre thermo-resistant blender great for making ice-cold smoothies or hot soups with no risk of cracking. To make things even easier and to help you save space in your kitchen, both the bowl and the blender can be run from a single drive. The powerful 1000W motor and 8 variable speed settings, plus pulse, give you total control over your cooking for perfect results every time. And the durable die-cast all-metal body is sure to fit in with any kitchen style.   Create more exciting meals, faster, with multiple attachments The Multipro FDM791 comes with a wide variety of attachments to help you get more from your food. Use the stainless steel knife blades to chop onions and meats for tasty casseroles, slice or grate vegetables with the included reversible discs, whisk cream or mousses with the dual metal whisk and even knead bread and pastry mixes with the dough tool. In addition, enjoy fresh orange juice with the citrus press, make crispy chips with the French fry food processor disc and save space by neatly storing all your attachments in the dedicated storage box.

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    Kenwood Chef XL Titanium KVL8300S

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    Whether you're trying out a brand new recipe or an authentic dish tried and tested by generations, Chef XL Titanium enables passionate cooks like yourself to create dishes to your highest standard, allowing you to beat, knead, whisk, cream and fold with confidence. Designed to give lasting service, day in and day out. The Halo light gives you in-bowl visibility to perfect your mixes, so you can master the craft of cooking with ease. With over 25+ optional attachments for the high and slow-speed outlets, the Kenwood Chef does more than mixing.

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    Kenwood Chef XL Cake Mixer 1400w

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    Cooking is about inspiration and creativity, just as much as the result.  The idea of creating homemade food for your family is the motivation behind your culinary adventures. Whether you’re trying out a brand new recipe, or an authentic dish tried and tested by generations, Chef enables you to explore your capabilities. From mixing the perfect cake batter thanks to the K-beater, to the perfectly kneaded dough without effort, or deliciously fruity drinks, perfectly blended, Chef will give you the confidence to try something new.

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