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  • RCR Trix Champagne | Pack of 6 | Drinkware | NAPEV

    RCR Trix Champagne | Pack of 6

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    Expertly crafted in the heart of Italy, these RCR Champagne Flutes are the perfect accompaniment to your special celebrations. Finished in an intricate Trix design, these flutes ooze elegance and sophistication, an ideal gift for newlyweds and new homeowners. Developed in the highest quality Luxion crystal, these glasses reflect light to create a dazzling gleaming effect. RCR Luxion crystal is proven dishwasher safe, ensuring a quick and simple clean.

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  • Pasabahce Reserva Champagne | Pack of 6 | Napev

    Pasabahce Reserva Champagne | Pack of 6

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    Pasabahce Reserva 170ml flute wine glass is composed of robust lead-free crystal glass. This gives the Reserva flute wine glass exceptional clarity. The flute glass has a height of 225mm and a bowl opening of 50.5mm. Pack of 6

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  • Nude Vintage Grappa Glass | Pack of 2 | napev

    Nude Vintage Grappa Glass | Pack of 2

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    Introducing the Nude Vintage Grappa Glass, the perfect vessel for enjoying the rich, complex flavours of grappa. Crafted from the finest lead-free crystal glass, this elegant glass features a vintage-inspired design that adds a touch of sophistication to any table setting. The wide bowl of glass allows for ample aeration, enhancing the aroma and taste of the grappa. The narrow opening of the glass concentrates the aroma, allowing you to fully appreciate the nuances of the spirit. The stem of the glass is long and slender, providing a comfortable grip and preventing the warmth of your hand from affecting the temperature of the grappa. Whether you're a connoisseur of grappa or simply appreciate the finer things in life, the Nude Vintage Grappa Glass is a must-have addition to your glassware collection. Perfect for sipping grappa after a meal, or for enjoying a glass of your favourite dessert wine, this glass is sure to elevate your drinking experience.

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  • Reload to view Pasabache Allegra Champagne Flute | Pack of 4 | napev

    Pasabahce Allegra Champagne Flute | Pack of 4

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    Propose a toast! These Allegra Champagne Flutes by Pasabahce are the perfect companion for New Year's Eve, Christmas or any other grand event. The simple, understated base of these glasses is designed to accentuate the richly coloured, aromatic champagne filling the glass. The elegant shape of these graceful flutes makes your favourite champagne sparkle next to your favourite dinnerware. Dishwasher safe. Volume:195ml

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  • Stölzle Revolution Flute Champagne Glass | Pack of 6 | Napev GH

    Stölzle Revolution Flute Champagne Glass | Pack of 6

    Introducing the Champagne Revolution Set of 6 – Elevate Your Sparkling Wine Experience Embark on a revolution in sparkling wine enjoyment with the Champagne Revolution Set of 6. Crafted in collaboration between star architect Wilhelm Holzbauer and wine expert Heinz Kammerer, the REVOLUTION wine glass collection presents glasses that are not only visually captivating but also elevate the experience of great wines to new heights. Each glass is meticulously designed to harmonize with essential elements such as acidity, maturity, tannin content, aroma abundance, and viscosity, resulting in a truly sophisticated and exquisite tasting experience. The seamless transition created by the stem gently pulled out of the cup offers a smooth and comfortable grip. The slightly shortened stem enhances the glass's stability, ensuring a refined and balanced presentation. The Champagne Revolution Set of 6 is perfectly suited for dry and fruity sparkling wines like Prosecco, Cava, and Spumanti. Join the revolution in sparkling wine appreciation and order your set today to take your champagne enjoyment to the next level.


  • Stölzle Power Champagne Glass  | Pack of 6 | Napev GH

    Stölzle Power Champagne Glass | Pack of 6

    Indulge in the extraordinary elegance of the Power Champagne Glass Set. Designed specifically for ripe champagnes and sparkling wines, including the finest champagnes from Champagne, Franciacorta, and Noble Spumanti, these glasses are a perfect fit for your celebratory moments. The Power glasses boast a powerful and expressive design, featuring straight sides and a flat goblet floor. This unique shape allows the champagne to breathe, enhancing its aroma and taste even with smaller pours. The pulled handle of the Power goblets adds an elegant touch while ensuring exceptional stability. Recognized for its outstanding design, the Power collection was honoured with the German Design Award 2018 and the Industrie Form iF Design Award 2018. Elevate your champagne experience with the Power Champagne Glass Set, a testament to Stölzle Lausitz's commitment to excellence.


  • Stölzle Symphony Champagne Glass | Pack of 6 | Napev GH

    Stölzle Symphony Champagne Glass | Pack of 6

    Indulge in the extraordinary with the Symphony Champagne Glasses, a true testament to exquisite design. These glasses effortlessly rise above the ordinary with their impeccable contour and captivating aesthetics. Combining functionality with striking accents, they offer a truly indulgent experience. Inside the glass, vertical textures catch the eye, expanding the surface area and allowing the aromas to gracefully unfold. The enlarged inner surface, adorned with vertical structures, ensures optimal taste development, creating a symphony of flavours on your palate. With their distinct low waist, these glasses embody elegance and refinement. The exceptionally long and delicate stem adds an extra touch of extravagance, completing the ensemble of these remarkable goblet glasses. Elevate your champagne experience with the Symphony series, where every sip becomes an extraordinary affair.


  • LC GLASS Sense&Style Eleanor Combi | Set of 18 at Napev GH

    LC GLASS Sense&Style Eleanor Combi | Set of 18

    The Sense & Style range is one of our newest developments. It’s a complete range of different kinds of glassware shapes, from wide bowl shapes to wine glasses with a tapered bowl shape. There are stemware combinations with tumblers and champagne flutes and they come in boxes of 8, 12 and even 18 pieces. The packaging design is based on different interior styles and makes the combination sets very appealing. 


  • Stölzle Weinland Flute Champagne Glass | Pack of 6 | Napev GH

    Stölzle Weinland Flute Champagne Glass | Pack of 6

    Experience the ultimate sparkling wine indulgence with the Weinland Set of 6. Specially designed for dry and fruity varieties like Prosecco, Cava, and Spumanti, these glasses epitomize timeless elegance. The seamless fusion of stem and chalice creates a stunning visual appeal, while the voluminous cup shape allows for optimal aroma development. The Weinland collection, renowned for its classic design and superior craftsmanship, offers versatile and universally applicable glasses suitable for everyday use. Complete your wine enjoyment with the mouth-blown decanter and explore the range of whisky, spirits, and long drink glasses within the Weinland series. Elevate your sparkling wine experience by ordering the Weinland Set of 6 today and elevate your moments of indulgence.


  • Schott Zwiesel Tritan Classico Champagne | Pack of 2 | Napev

    Schott Zwiesel Tritan Classico Champagne | Pack of 2

    Set of 2 Capacity: 210ml TRITAN Crystal Glass: Highly durable and break-resistant with exceptional clarity Elegant Design: Classico features moderately tall stems and bowls designed to create a soft round shape with a slightly wider opening, exuding durability and elegance Dishwasher Safe: Avoid forcing the bowl tightly over dishwasher rack prongs and twisting the stem and bowl while holding one or the other tightly Made in Germany: Crafted with precision and quality in Germany, renowned for their glassware expertise


  • Last stock! Essential Clear Plastic Champagne Flute | Pack of 8 | Napev

    Essential Clear Plastic Champagne Flute | Pack of 8

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    Essential clear disposable 14cl champagne flutes are ideal for establishments that serve drinks that may be taken outdoors. Clear design 14cl capacity The Essential clear disposable champagne flute is a fantastic alternative to a traditional champagne flute. As it is made from plastic, it is shatter-proof meaning it is a much safer alternative to glass. The traditional champagne flute can sometimes be dropped or knocked over resulting in the sharp glass being scattered across the floor. This is extremely dangerous and expensive to replace. The design makes this champagne flute perfect for indoor and outdoor.   The champagne flute also comes in handy packs of 8 which are extremely helpful whilst managing stock control in a busy environment. A clear design makes these champagne flutes perfect for prosecco or Champagne.

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  • Last stock! Nude Stem Zero Volcano Champagne Glass | Pack of 2 | napev

    Nude Stem Zero Volcano Champagne Glass | Pack of 2

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    Worthy of any celebratory occasion or festive soirée, this Volcano champagne glass is exquisitely simple and beautifully strong. All thanks to the wonderful weightlessness and remarkable strength that characterise the series. The ultimate choice for every wine connoisseur. The NUDE Stem Zero collection is the world’s toughest, yet incredibly fine lead-free crystal range — made using our ‘Ion Shielding’ Technology.

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  • Nude Terroir Champagne Flute | Pack of 2

    Nude Terroir Champagne Flute | Pack of 2

    This NUDE Terroir set of champagne glasses presents the beauty of our lead-free crystal in its purest form. The minimal yet expressive design is accented with a dynamic drop that flows beautifully into the stem, the common thread of the collection which also includes white and red wine options. 255ml Lead-free crystal


  • Sale -40% Nude Refine Champagne Flute | Pack of 2 | napev

    Nude Refine Champagne Flute | Pack of 2

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    This NUDE Refine set of champagne glasses is refreshingly simple. Cut from pure lead-free crystal, the sturdy base and the slender stem are crowned with a traditional bowl and a tapered rim — the carefully considered proportions ensure a sublime drinking experience. 200 cc / 57 mm / 225 mm Lead-free crystal

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  • Last stock! Cristal D'arques Macassar Champagne Flute| Pack of 6 | napev

    Cristal D'arques Macassar Champagne Flute| Pack of 6

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    With their straight-cut lines, the stemmed glasses from the Macassar collection transport us to a universe of Art Deco haute couture. The glasses exude sophistication with a flowing pleat, running from their elegant stem to their very top, and unity with symmetric lines. The shapes of the glasses in the unique sparkle of Kwarx celebrate freedom of style and the precious detailing of angled corners blended with curves. In the style of a contemporary dress designer revisiting the timeless conventions of fashion, these limpid geometric sculptures break away from tradition to embolden your table. 170ml

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