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  • Last stock!NEW Quest 34250 1.5 Litre Stainless Steel Deep Fat Fryer AT NAPEV GH

    Quest 34250 1.5 Litre Stainless Steel Deep Fat Fryer

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    Introducing the 1.5-litre stainless steel deep fat fryer, an essential appliance for your kitchen that's designed to make frying tasks quick, easy, and hassle-free. Whether you're craving crispy fries, golden fish fillets, or delicious chicken nuggets, this fryer is up to the task. Here's why it's a fantastic addition to your culinary arsenal: Key Features: Removable Oil Container: The deep fat fryer features a removable oil container, making cleanup a breeze. No more struggling to clean a messy fryer. Simply remove the container and easily dispose of used oil. Non-Stick Pan: The non-stick pan ensures that food doesn't stick to the cooking surface, allowing for easy removal and preventing your dishes from becoming a stuck-on mess. Temperature Control: The fryer's temperature dial gives you control over the oil's heat. Adjust it anywhere between 130°C to 190°C to achieve the ideal cooking temperature for your recipes. Detachable Basket Handle: The detachable basket handle adds a layer of convenience and safety when retrieving your cooked food from the hot oil. Cool Zone Technology: This innovative feature ensures that stray food particles that may have fallen out of the basket don't burn and contaminate the oil. As a result, your oil lasts longer, reducing the frequency of oil changes. Clear Viewing Window: The clear viewing window allows you to monitor the cooking process without the need to open the fryer, keeping the heat inside and enhancing safety. Compact Design: Measuring 20.5cm x 25cm x 23cm, the deep fat fryer fits easily on your kitchen worktop, making it a convenient and accessible appliance. The 1.5-litre stainless steel deep fat fryer is your go-to solution for frying delectable dishes without the hassle of extensive cleanup. It's designed to simplify your cooking process and provide you with more culinary options. Whether you're hosting a family gathering or preparing a quick snack, this fryer ensures your dishes turn out perfectly crispy and delicious.

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  • NEW Quest Deep Fat Fryer with Removable Lid Black 2.5L AT NAPEV GH

    Quest Deep Fat Fryer with Removable Lid Black 2.5L

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    Enjoy the irresistible taste of authentic deep-fried dishes with the Quest Deep Fat Fryer, a kitchen essential designed to make your frying tasks a breeze. Here's what sets this fryer apart: Key Features: 2.5L Oil Capacity: With a 2.5-liter oil capacity, this fryer is ideal for serving two to three people. Whether you're making crispy fries, golden chicken tenders, or delectable fish fillets, you'll have plenty of space to cook your favorite dishes. Lift-Out Basket: One of the standout features of this deep fat fryer is its lift-out basket, which allows you to remove food from the hot oil without the need to lift the lid entirely. This adds an extra layer of safety to your frying experience. Large Observation Window: The deep fat fryer features a large observation window in the lid, making it easy to monitor your cooking progress without the need to open the lid. This keeps the heat inside and ensures safe and efficient cooking. Adjustable Temperature Gauge: The adjustable temperature gauge makes this deep fat fryer one of the safest ways to enjoy deep-fried treats. The thermostat prevents the oil from overheating and burning, ensuring your food is cooked to perfection. You can set the temperature to your liking within the range of 130°C to 190°C. Electric Powered: This deep fat fryer is electric powered for your convenience. It comes with a 0.7-meter power cable, offering flexibility in terms of placement in your kitchen. Compact Design: Measuring 21cm x 29cm x 28cm (H x W x D), the Quest Deep Fat Fryer is compact and designed to fit comfortably on most standard kitchen counters. It's ready to serve you delicious fried dishes without taking up too much space. The Quest Deep Fat Fryer combines authenticity and convenience, providing you with the perfect tool to enjoy classic deep-fried foods right in your home. It's designed to make your cooking experience safe, efficient, and delicious. Whether you're cooking for yourself, your family, or your friends, this fryer has the capacity and features you need to create mouthwatering dishes every time.

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  • Tower Deep Fryer 3L T17048 | Napev

    Tower Deep Fryer 3L T17048

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    Cook homemade chips, crispy chicken and battered fish for the family with this easy-to-use deep-fat fryer   3L CAPACITY: For the more seasoned users of our 0.9L deep fat fryer, you can now cook even more whilst saving space on your kitchen countertop with this compact deep fat fryer. With all the same premium qualities in a smaller size, this deep-fat fryer allows you to make anything from a quick snack to a filling meal – ideal for couples and small families ADJUSTABLE TEMPERATURE: Easily adjust the temperature of the fryer between 130-190°C to perfectly cook your favourite foods REMOVABLE COMPONENTS: Removable components and enamel cooking pot for easily wiping away grease and stuck-on food residue after use LARGE VIEWING WINDOW: Provides a clear view of your food so you can easily monitor it during the cooking process STAINLESS STEEL EXTERIOR: Upgrade your kitchen with the stylish design of this deep-fat fryer. Its strong and sturdy properties ensure a long-lasting appliance for your smaller cooking needs ODOUR FILTER: The built-in filter prevents cooking smells from being released from food as you fry, keeping your kitchen odour-free

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  • Last stock! Reload to view SWAN Deep Fat Fryer 3L

    SWAN Deep Fat Fryer 3L

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    Discover the joy of delicious hassle-free fried food at home with the 3L stainless steel Deep fat fryer from iconic housewares manufacturer Swan. Cook fried foods like a pro in the comfort of your own home. With a generous 3 litre capacity and enough space To cook 1kg of food, this fryer is perfect for cooking enough food for the whole family.    Great for cooking a variety of foods such as deliciously crisp chips, wedges or fries, fried chicken, Battered fish, tempura, onion rings, spring rolls, samosas and croquettes as well as tasty desserts like doughnuts, Churros and fruit fritters. The easy-to-use adjustable temperature controls with indicator lights allow you to cook your food perfectly every time.    Turn to a specific temperature and it will maintain this heat, ensuring your food doesn’t burn. Large enough to cook a good amount of food but not so large your kitchen will suffer from its bulk. Its sleek stainless-steel design looks good in any kitchen and is an ideal choice for domestic kitchens, family homes, caravans, holiday homes, student accommodations and cafes.

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