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  • Pasabahce Village Carafe

    Pasabahce Village Carafe

    The stunning range of Village carafes beautifully presents a variety of beverages from wine to water and cocktails. Designed for functionality it provides a clean and simple silhouette. 1 Litre


  • Nude Vini Carafe 1250ml | napev

    Nude Vini Carafe 1250ml

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    A charming addition to any table setting, this NUDE Vini carafe enchants with its sculptural and curvaceous silhouette. Carefully handmade from our finest lead-free crystal, it is designed to harmonise seamlessly with other pieces from the NUDE catalogue. 1250ml Handmade Lead-free crystal

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  • Nude Camp Carafe with Brass Base | napev

    Nude Camp Carafe with Brass Base

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    Designed for optimal taste and flavour enhancement, the NUDE Camp whiskey bottle combines a lead-free crystal carafe with a distinctive brass base — its x shape recalls the warmth emanating from burning logs, a feeling similar to the one you get from tasting a great whisky. The silhouette is clean-cut and compact, with a heavy-base design heightening the sculptural quality.

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  • Nude Alba Carafe | napev

    Nude Alba Carafe

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    Sleek and modern, the NUDE Alba Carafe stands out with a cleverly deconstructed tartan pattern hand engraved at the base — a nod to the liquor’s Scottish roots. The theme continues with the unique stopper designed to lean omnidirectionally, inviting the whisky lover to point it towards Scotland. Crafted from lead-free crystal and available in two sizes — this one is tall.

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  • Last stock! Nude Chill Carafe with Marble Cooler | napev

    Nude Chill Carafe with Marble Cooler

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    Crafted from lead-free crystal, this NUDE Chill carafe comes complete with a marble base, designed to keep your drink cold for as long as possible. Pared down to its bare essentials, the result is a celebration of rich materials and basic geometric forms.

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  • Reload to view Galway Erne Carafe

    Galway Erne Carafe

    A pattern taking inspiration from the River of the same name. Rising in County Cavan and rippling throughout Fermanagh then turning west into Donegal Bay. As a stunning range, this collection is sure to impress. As an ideal wedding gift or engagement token, this Carafe is simple yet powerful in a statement.   Part of a wider range Hand Wash Recommended Comes in Galway Gift Box Can be gift-wrapped Clean with a dry soft cloth Measures 16cmW x 26.9cmH


  • Nude Chablis Decanter | napev

    Nude Chablis Decanter

    The Nude Chablis Carafe is the elegant serving fine wine deserves. With an asymmetric fluted pouring spout, this wine carafe is the height of style.Perfect for adding a certain sense of style to any dining setting, this glass carafe can even be used to serve simple table water with elegance.  


  • Nude Glass Shade Decanter | napev

    Nude Glass Shade Decanter

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    Crowned with a sculptural skull-shaped stopper, this crystalline whisky bottle from the NUDE Shade range offers a precious reminder to cherish every sip and moment. The range also includes matching whisky glasses, low and high-ball glasses, as well as a cigar ashtray. 1250ml Handmade Lead-free crystal Skull stopper

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  • Nude Glass Arch Decanter | napev

    Nude Glass Arch Decanter

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    Sleek and simple, the NUDE Arch whisky bottle comes with an element of surprise: the gentle curvature of the base, which amplifies the sculptural quality of its silhouette. Crafted from lead-free crystal, the range also includes a serving bowl and a set of two whisky glasses united by the same use of geometry and the interlocking design, allowing all elements to work together seamlessly. 1000ml Handmade Lead-free crystal Heavy-bottomed silhouette

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  • Nude Glass No.9 Decanter | napev

    Nude Glass No.9 Decanter

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    This NUDE No.9 whisky decanter features thoroughly unique characteristics that are both subtle and fascinating. Crafted from lead-free crystal, the bold silhouette is amplified by a sculptural stopper and a distinctive cone motif that adds a sense of lightness to the streamlined, heavy-bottomed silhouette.

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  • Nude Ego Carafe | napev

    Nude Ego Carafe

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    Small in size but mighty in style, the NUDE Ego personal decanter measures just under 20 cm. Crafted from clear crystalline glass, it features clean lines, curved edges and a polished finish.

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  • Nude Vintage Carafe | napev

    Nude Vintage Carafe

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    The result of the highest level of glass artistry and craftsmanship, this NUDE Vintage wine decanter/carafe elevates a simple moment into a memorable occasion. Cut from pure lead-free crystal, the result is a glassware piece typified by a modern aesthetic and subtle, elegant detailing — namely the circular cork stopper. 750ml Handmade Lead-free crystal

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  • Last stock! Bohemia Boston Decanter Large - 650ML |napev

    Bohemia Boston Decanter Large - 650ML

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    Charming Boston Decanter has ridged sides making it very tactile, and it comes with the fabulous tall, rectangular stopper! Comes Gift Boxed so would make a great present, especially engraved!  Made of high-quality glass with 24% Lead Crystal, and designed by Bohemia. 650ml

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  • Last stock! Reload to view Bohemia Orbit Decanter |napev

    Bohemia Orbit Decanter

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    When characters in daytime dramas drink, they always pour their beverage from a decanter. Why not emulate that same kind of glamour with this Orbit decanter? It also comes beautifully packaged, if you're in the mood to give rather than receive. But if you're angry, just don't throw it across the room. This is still real life, and most importantly, it's made out of crystal.

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  • Luminarc carafe 0.5L

    Luminarc Carafe 0.5L

    For all the white wine lovers and pure and timeless shapes lovers, Luminarc gives a simple and understated range of wine decanters, that should undoubtedly bring a unique atmosphere to your daily tables. Also suitable for water & juice.


  • Sale -10% Reload to view Crystal Ships Decanter

    Crystal Ships Decanter

    Lead crystal has a brilliant, silvery appearance that is enhanced by cutting. Supplied in a gift box.


  • Last stock! Le Cordon Bleu Wine Decanter

    Le Cordon Bleu Wine Decanter

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    Kwarx Quality: Complete transparency, superb strength, and sparkle that's retained even after use in the dishwasher Designed with an extra-wide base of bowl shape giving it better aeration of the wine Special anti-drip system called drop control, keeping the drops inside the carafe so you can serve without spilling a drop Capacity: 1.4lL / 49 fl oz

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    Galway Decanter Set

    Great Irish whiskey is meant to be savoured. Sip your favourite brand from this exquisite Galway Irish Crystal decanter set that includes four glasses and a decanter with a topper. All are expertly etched with a timeless, heirloom-quality design Set Includes:  4x Tumbler Decanter


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