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  • PPS 3Ply 33cm Paper Napkins Gold leaf | Pack of 20 | Napev

    PPS 3Ply 33cm Paper Napkins | Pack of 20

    PPS paper napkins for home and commercial use. 3ply paper quality 33cm x 33cm Quarter folded


  • NEW Lesser & Pavey Elegance Hiball Glass | Pack 2 / Gold rim at Napev GH

    Lesser & Pavey Elegance Hiball Glass | Pack 2 / Gold Rim

    The Lesser & Pavey Elegance Hiball Glass with Gold Rim is a sophisticated addition to your glassware collection, designed to enhance your drinking experience. Combining style and functionality, this hiball glass is perfect for serving a variety of beverages. Let's explore the key features that make the Lesser & Pavey Elegance Hiball Glass with Gold Rim a standout choice: Gold Rim Detail: The gold rim adds a touch of luxury and elegance to the hiball glass. This stylish gold accent not only enhances the glass's visual appeal but also makes it suitable for upscale occasions, formal dinners, and celebrations. Hiball Glass Design: The hiball glass design is characterized by its tall, straight shape with a wide opening. This design is versatile and can accommodate a range of beverages, from cocktails and mocktails to iced tea and soda. The hiball glass is a popular choice for refreshing and chilled drinks. Versatile Use: The Elegance Hiball Glass is versatile and can be used for various beverages served over ice. Whether you're enjoying a classic highball cocktail, a non-alcoholic spritzer, or a fruit-infused water, this glass provides an elegant vessel for your drink of choice. High-Quality Glass Construction: Crafted from high-quality glass, the hiball glass offers clarity, durability, and a premium feel. The transparent glass allows the beverage to be showcased, creating an enticing visual presentation. The glass construction ensures a refined drinking experience. Classic and Timeless Design: The hiball glass features a classic and timeless design that suits both traditional and contemporary settings. The straight sides and generous capacity contribute to its classic appeal. This design makes the glass a versatile choice for various table settings and occasions. Sturdy Base: The hiball glass is designed with a sturdy base that provides stability on tabletops and surfaces. The balanced base ensures that the glass stands securely, reducing the risk of tipping. Ideal for Formal Settings: The combination of the gold rim, hiball design, and high-quality glass construction makes this glass well-suited for formal and special occasions. It adds a touch of sophistication to your table setting, making it an ideal choice for dinner parties and events. Perfect for Pairing: The Elegance Hiball Glass can be paired with other glassware and serving pieces from the Lesser & Pavey Elegance collection. Create a cohesive and stylish table setting by combining different elements of the collection for a harmonious look.


  • Duzzit Cloth Multipurpose Roll | Napev

    Duzzit Cloth Multipurpose Roll

    Duzzit 25pk Cleaning All Purpose Cloth On A Roll Duzzit MultMulti-Purposeaning Disposable Cloth On A Roll 25 Cleaning cloths on a roll. Strong Soft Absorbent These cleaning cloths are well suited for general house cleaning duties.


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