Professional Tips for Choosing Artwork for Your Home

Professional Tips for Choosing Artwork for Your Home

, by Najma Aweis, 3 min reading time

One of the most frequently asked questions by designers is “How do I choose the right artwork for different spaces in a home?” There are a few guidelines we have put together to make sure you select the right art piece. Art is often unique and one-of-a kind; they can transform a space when selected with care and placed thoughtfully, honouring the beauty of the art. However, it can be overwhelming when deciding which art can bring the biggest impact to your room.

To begin, you would need to decide which room you would like to place the art. Notice the colours, design theme of the room and its most powerful features. Then decide the art piece that moves you, that speaks to you and inspires you every time you gaze upon it. Take your time deciding the art piece, as the soul and energy of the art creates the scene and vibe of the room.

Investing in art goes beyond its monetary value, it is investing in years of enjoyment that speaks many stories that you can eventually pass down to your family. It’s, essentially, timeless. Especially if it is your first time purchasing art piece, you will always remember the feeling of buying your first art piece. Additionally, buying art to celebrate a new achievement in life can add more meaning to the piece.

As a buyer you are looking for the piece that best fits the room you’re catering to.  For example, if you want to choose art for the kitchen, naturally most people would be inclined to buy an art that represents what a kitchen is used for to amplify the aesthetic. Such as, buying art that contains a person cooking or still life bowl filled fruits. Similarly, when deciding to buy art for a reception hall/corridor, you would be drawn to buy art that isn’t too controversial as to not offend the guests or the people who will frequent the place. A soft, thought-provoking yet vibrant piece to bring light into the space, many are drawn to abstract pieces when thinking about public spaces like this. Equally, when choosing to buy art for an office, you would look to buy a piece that can motivate and uplift people to work hard; a powerful piece which speaks success, inspiration and motivation into the employees.

Care Tip: Try and keep your art away from natural lighting as this can gradually cause the colours to fade. So if you want to purchase art for a well lit room, consider prints that are less prone to fade or less expensive piece.

There are pieces in the selection that are framed; however, canvas pieces usually come unframed. This gives you the opportunity to decide to put a frame on the art piece. When choosing a frame, there are different options which you can choose from that can help compliment the theme of the room and the art perfectly.

Check out our art collection here. You can also get an augmented reality feel of how any art piece will look in your personal space by checking out Berj Art Gallery’sviewing room” feature. This allows you to display the art in your chosen room using your camera.

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