Reasons to use Kilner

Reasons to use Kilner

, by Nathaniel Fraikue, 2 min reading time

There are so many reasons to go Kilner, one of them being cutting out the need for plastic packaging all together!

Environmental issues surrounding the use of plastics continue to gain momentum as plastic pollution is evidently having a devastating impact on our land, waterways and oceans. Plastic is persistent and today it’s almost impossible to go anywhere without seeing it.

Using glass containers versus plastic holds a number of advantages; not only do you use less plastic packaging but glass offers a more practical, healthy material for use with foodstuffs. Unlike plastic, glass is 100% recyclable, does not absorb odours or flavours and can be used time and time again.

Kilner® uses ‘A’ grade soda lime glass which has a smooth, non-reactive surface that can be easily sterilised and ensures that there is no transfer of toxins. The glass storage solutions are perfect for storing your food safely and keeping your items fresher for longer.

Source: (Kilner, 2021)


Kilner have a large range of products to suit your storing and preserving needs;

- Air Tight Clip Top Jar, its iconic Kilner® Clip Top Storage Jar’s airtight seal is designed to keep food fresher for longer.

- Preserve Bottles are perfect for creating, preserving and storing cordials, oils and much more. With a swing top locking system, airtight seal and plastic cap, they can be re-used again and again, and will keep things fresher for longer. 

- Drinks Dispenser are the perfect way to serve your beverages. The easy-to-use tap keeps the drinks flowing whilst the glass dispenser and airtight clip top lid is the freshest way to store and serve liquid refreshments. Perfect for parties and barbeques. 

- Spaghetti Dispenser is designed to keep your pasta airtight. To make life even easier it has an additional unique feature… when you pull the handle up the spaghetti fans out so there is no need to lift the jar up and shuffle the pasta out. Simply lift and lock.

Tidy up your pantries and keep fresh and dry food fresher for longer with our range of Kilner products on our website. 

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