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    Circulon 12 Cup Muffin Tin

    A muffin maker's dozen becomes a sweet batch indeed with the nonstick baking and easy cleaning performance of the Circulon nonstick bakeware 12-Cup muffin tin.  The rolled-rim pan design includes a wide handle for plenty of grip, even with bulky oven mitts. Mix all this together, and that's the recipe for lifelong baking enjoyment, whether you’re a regular muffin maker or just a once-in-a-while cupcake baker. Cleaning up is easy with this non-stick 12 cup muffin tin as it is totally dishwasher safe.


  • Circulon large oven tray | napev

    Circulon large oven tray

    Designed with the confident baker in mind, each product comes with our unique Total Non-Stick System. It creates easy food release, saves time and effort and delivers perfect baking performance time after time.  Ideal for baking a batch of cookies or roasting vegetables without them sticking, thanks to Circulon’s exceptional non-stick system, this durable Large Oven Tray can go in the dishwasher for easy cleaning when you’re done. The 0.6mm thickness of each piece also resists warping in the oven and will heat evenly, giving you confidence in the kitchen.


  • Circulon 8" loose base round cake tin | napev

    Circulon 8" loose base round cake tin

    The Circulon Momentum 8-inch loose base cake tin is made from carbon steel which promotes an even heat distribution with an excellent Ultra Total® Hi-Low non-stick surface for easy release when baking cakes. The oven is safe up to 230°C / 450°F and is dishwasher safe for easy and convenient cleaning. The 8-inch loose base cake tin has a Circulon lifetime guarantee.


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    Anchor Glass Bakeware 32x23cm

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    This product is a finalist in the Excellence in Housewares Product Awards 2013 for the: Excellence in Cookware Category This glassware is extremely tough tempered glass and reviews have shown it is stronger than Pyrex. The glassware is made in the USA and is one of the best quality toughened food glassware in the USA. Anchor Hocking Bakeware a traditional glass baking dish has long been a reminder of home cooking in years gone by. Rectangular non-stick glass. Non-stick coating prevents food from sticking and allows for easy cleanup and is perfect for oven-to-table service. All you need for perfect baking. Grey non-stick coating only on the inside of the dish. The coating is made without PFOA. Love to bake? Start to bake fancy cakes without worry! Non-stick coating prevents food from sticking and allows for easy cleanup, and is perfect for oven-to-table service! All you need for your perfect baking!

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