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  • Bugatti B 500ml Bottle at Napev GH

    Bugatti B 500ml Bottle

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    B Bottle TWIN 500ml(16.907 US fl.oz.) blue marina. Mirror polished lid. It keeps liquids hot for 12 hours, cold for 24 and ice for 36. Ergonomic and tapered to facilitate the grip, it is designed to be carryed with you and to keep you hydrated. Made of 18/10 stainless steel, it is vacuum-sealed insulated with a special copper coating between the two steel walls at the desired temperature for long periods with no outer condensation. The lid is double-walled too, for even better insulation. The wide opening makes it easy to add ice cubes, facilitates cleaning, and is more comfortable for both filling and drinking. All the materials used to produce B Bottles are completely safe, recyclable, BPA and BPS free, phtalates free. B Bottles reflect our commitment to reduce our environmental impact, improving your well-being and safeguarding the health of the planet.

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    GH₵700.00 - GH₵750.00

  • Last stock! Bugatti Volo Toaster

    Bugatti Volo Toaster

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    Volo, the innovative toaster in the black version that allows, with a light touch, to choose what you desire most: to toast, to defrost or to reheat. Grill, clamps and the many programming possibilities permit also professional use. High-quality materials, excellent attention to detail and superior craftsmanship reflected in outstanding design and build quality. Features: A motorised toast lifting system ensures you can remove your toast easily. Six electronic browning control options give you your toast exactly how you want it. (Precise electronic browning control) Wide slots can accommodate varying thicknesses of bread including bagels. Other options include a bagel toasting function, one-touch easy defrosting, reheat function without browning.

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  • Bugatti Petalo Fruit Holder at Napev GH

    Bugatti Petalo Fruit Holder

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    Petalo is Bugatti's centrepiece that projects a kinetic, delicate, sensitive and seemingly ephemeral form, as if suspended in air. This fruit bowl centrepiece is the ideal decorative feature for a refined and elegant embellishment of your table. The Bugatti centrepiece is made of stainless steel and comes in polished and coloured steel versions. The perfect home accessory. Details & Features PETALO: the fruit bowl resting on a steel sheetlicate, sensitive shape. Thanks to his ephemeral-looking seems suspended.

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  • Last stock! Bugatti Ninna Nanna Fruit Bowl/steel at Napev GH

    Bugatti Ninna Nanna Fruit Bowl

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    Ninna Nanna is Bugatti's spherical centrepiece, with perfect balance and modern style. An expression of perfect balance at the centre of your table, it gently rocks to a stop if disturbed. This elegant and decorative centrepiece stands out for its particular design, brightness and vivacious colours. In fact, Ninna Nanna comes in a variety of internal colours. Ninna Nanna is Bugatti's double-walled handcrafted stainless steel centrepiece. The perfect home accessory. Details & Features Put in the middle of your table the perfect shape, like a sphere. The fruit bowl with double wall made of stainless steel seems floating. It stops by itself after a light swing.

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  • Bugatti B Bottles B Loop at Napev GH

    Bugatti B Bottles B Loop

    The most practical and minimalist accessory for carrying your B Bottles everywhere with you!Available in many different colours to fit your style, you can hang it on hooks, bags and backpacks.Made of food-grade silicone, it provides an easy and secure grip.Suitable for B Bottles Light 350 ml, 530 ml and B Bottles Twin 250 ml, 350 ml, 500 ml and 800 ml.


  • Bugatti Giulietta Kettle/CHROME at napev GH

    Bugatti Giulietta Kettle

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    The spherical kettle. A perfect marriage of architectural and design references for an iconic object. The sphere has always been a symbol and emblem of absolute regularity; it is at the centre of Bugatti's new electric kettle concept: Giulietta, which challenges the limits of perfection.Just like the heroine of Shakespeare's work it is named after, it is destined to remain impressed in history as a myth.The spherical-shaped body gives the object a compact volume without forgetting its capacity (1.2 litres/42 fl.z.). An ideal object for the kitchen, also perfect as a decorative element on a shelf in the living room, on a small table or on the corner of a desk. It can be placed and rotated 360° on its base, which integrates perfectly with the shape of the kettle as a whole.

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    GH₵6,370.00 - GH₵7,920.00

  • Bugatti Vera "Easy" Kettle & Volo Toaster - Rose Gold

    Bugatti Vera "Easy" Kettle & Volo Toaster - Rose Gold

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    Volo Toaster Volo is the Bugatti toaster that combines design, technology and versatility for a distinctive kitchen and tasty daily treats. With Volo, one touch is all it takes to toast, defrost and reheat your bread.   THE HIGH-STYLE TOASTER. Bakery products are part of our culture and tradition, an important daily presence for every member of your family. Bread and jam for breakfast, toast in the afternoon for the kids, a bagel for weekend brunch: bread is simply essential. To embrace tradition with superior style, Andreas Seegatz designed the Volo stainless steel toaster, taking bread toasting to another level.   THE DAILY BREAD TRADITION IN A CONTEMPORARY GUISE. The iconic and modern shape of the Volo toaster references the "V" shape, expressing exceptional dynamism. Its stainless steel body lends elegance and style to your kitchen, blending perfectly into the environment as a truly stylish designer decor item should. Volo, however, adapts to everyone's needs and tastes. It is available in different colours to best express the personality of your home and all the family.   VOLO IN A CLASS OF ITS OWN. The Volo designer toaster has four different functions to help you prepare and enjoy your bread the way you want it: BAGEL to toast only one side, DEFROST to defrost, REHEAT to heat the whole slice of bread and BROWNING to select up to six toasting levels. In addition, thanks to the motorised Bugatti LIFT system, the bread slices will automatically slide in and out of the toaster with a singular effect.     Vera Easy Kettle Vera Easy is pure design. This electric kettle, with its sleek and elegant shape, is perfect for any interior setting. The essential character of Vera Easy is also reflected in its functions: with a single touch, the kettle starts and stops when the water comes to a boil.   VERA EASY, SO EASY TO FALL IN LOVE WITH IT. A hot drink evokes the warmth and comfort of home, the desire to relax on the sofa watching a good film, or the hectic morning rush to get to work... but with a great American coffee in your hands. With the Vera Easy electric kettle, making tea, herbal tea or a good coffee is easier than ever.   THE ELECTRIC KETTLE FOR EVERY DAY. Vera Easy reflects a pure, contemporary design with clean lines enhanced by a form that combines conical and elliptical shapes. An aesthetic appeal that makes it perfect for any home environment, for all our daily life moments and also for conviviality. Its curvaceous 18/10 stainless steel body is made with attention to the smallest detail, offering superlative material quality.   VERA EASY ACCOMPANIES YOUR EVERY STEP. Every detail of the Vera Easy electric kettle is designed to make your routine easier. The top cover promptly opens with a light touch, the body is removable and can be rotated 360° in any position. To ensure the water is always perfect for your drinks, Vera Easy is equipped with a removable limescale filter in the spout to trap all impurities.

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  • Bugatti Lino Bottle Opener | Napev

    Bugatti Lino Bottle Opener

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    Lino bottle opener by Casa Bugatti is the new, original Bugatti bottle opener inspired by the shapes of the goldfish, a symbol of good luck and loyalty in marriage, and meaningful in different cultures, from Feng Shui to Japanese one. Lino is an iconic object, a practical high-quality tool available in elegant chrome or precious gold plated.

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    GH₵760.00 - GH₵876.00

  • Bugatti Vita Citrus Juicer | Napev

    Bugatti Vita Citrus Juicer

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    Vita is the electric citrus juicer that gives you energy throughout your day. In addition to its modern and slender design, inspired by the iconic "V" shape, Vita is a dynamic appliance: the electric juicer can be tilted to facilitate pouring. VITA - FOR A LIFE FULL OF ENERGY. Whether you choose it for breakfast or as a mid-morning break, or whether you offer it as a refreshing drink to those who drop by for a visit, superior juicing will require the help of a premium citrus juicer like Vita. Its striking presence will not only bring joy to your home but also provide you with the right daily dose of energy and vitamins!  "V" FOR VITA. Vita is an electric citrus juicer with a slender and unique design; its dynamic and distinctive "V" shape is inspired by the gesture of squeezing and pouring. When using it, you can tilt its body by 60° to pour out the freshly squeezed juice. In short, Vita is simple to use, and it simplifies your life! Vita is an electric citrus juicer with a slender and unique design; its dynamic and distinctive "V" shape is inspired by the gesture of squeezing and pouring. When using it, you can tilt its body by 60° to pour out the freshly squeezed juice. In short, Vita is simple to use, and it simplifies your life!  FAST AND EFFICIENT. With just a light touch on the cone, the motor starts up at a speed of 90-95 rotations per minute. Its materials make the Vita juicer elegant and technically robust.  VITA HAS SO MUCH TO OFFER! The Vita citrus squeezer is available in a myriad of colours. The functional character is thus combined with a lively and joyful appearance, allowing you to express your personality in the kitchen too.

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    GH₵4,010.00 - GH₵4,699.00

  • Bugatti Harmony Tray |

    Bugatti Harmony Tray

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    18/10 Stainless Steel Harmony tray, dedicated to those who make hospitality an art. Material: Stainless steel 18/10 Finish: Shiny plain colour Maintenance: Clean with a soft, damp cloth

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    GH₵966.00 - GH₵1,093.00

  • Bugatti E-Vela Blender |

    Bugatti E-Vela Blender

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    Vela Evolution is the natural evolution of Vela. The optimized conical shape of the mixing jar and the more powerful engine help food to move around easily for perfect blending. The handy and light jar, made of TRITAN PCT BPA Free can be stored on the power base in 4 different positions. 4 speeds, Ice and Pulse functions. The high-quality solid steel blades are uniquely designed to mix ingredients powerfully.Issued with a filler cup and stir stick.

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  • Sale -10% Bugatti Vera "Easy" Kettle |

    Bugatti Vera "Easy" Kettle

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    Vera Easy is a pure design. The elegant and slender shape makes it a perfect object to be inserted into domestic spaces. The volume combines cone and ellipse, giving dynamism and personality. Simple to use: the lid opens through a light touch, the body is 360° movable, and on the handle, there is a window that allows checking the water level. Made of 18/10 stainless steel it is provided with a removable anti-limestone filter.

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