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    Dr. Beckmann Spray Starch

    Dr Beckmann’s Spray Starch makes ironing of washable cotton and man-made fibres easier and quicker, helping to leave clothes crease-free. Suitable for all colours & fabrics. Extra Crisp Look and Finish. Fresh Clean Scent. Designed for the lone bachelor, and large families in mind. Stock up on your laundry supplies.


  • Dr Beckmann Power Foaming Toilet Cleaner | Napev

    Dr Beckmann Power Foaming Toilet Cleaner

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    Fast, powerful and effective Dr Beckmann Power-Foaming Toilet Cleaner is a fast and convenient way to deep clean your toilet bowl whilst leaving behind an ultra-fresh fragrance. The innovative formula targets beneath the surface and develops a deep self-activating foam aiding the effective removal of tough stains, odours and limescale. Add hot water to your toilet before using the product to increase the activity of the foam.   Important Information TOP TIP Adding HOT WATER to the toilet bowl first (before adding the powder) will increase the activity of the foam.

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  • Last stock! Dr Beckmann Stone & Tile Floor Cleaner 1L | Napev

    Dr Beckmann Stone & Tile Floor Cleaner 1L

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    Clean and protect your natural flooring with Dr. Beckmann Stone & Tile Floor Cleaner. With a gentle bioprotect formula to clean and revitalise floors, it restores a beautiful, natural shine. Important Information Always follow the cleaning and care instructions recommended by the manufacturer of the floor. Always test on an inconspicuous area of the floor prior to use by applying a small amount of the diluted product (use undiluted if intending to use the product using the Intensive Use method) and allowing it to dry completely. If the test area remains unchanged in colour and texture continue with the full application. Do not use on other types of flooring. Keep out of the reach of children. Do not store below 5°C.

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