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    Jamie Oliver 4 Crystalline Wine Glass | Pack of 4

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    Each Jamie Oliver Waves red wine glass in this set of FOUR is eminently clear being made from crystal glass that has a brilliant, long-lasting finish. A proper pukka modern style with a large 580ml/20oz capacity is not only suitable for regular home or commercial use plus special occasions such as weddings, parties and housewarmings.   ATTRACTIVE YET VERY PRACTICAL: These beautiful, large glasses have an extra fine, 1mm/0.04" thick rim and bowl, 0.5cm/0.20" thick base and 10cm/4" long stem making them elegant, easy to hold and stable on flat surfaces. Each glass has an understated and ultra contemporary waves design to the base - an irregular concentric pattern of pure Jamie Oliver genius.   ULTRACLEAR CRYSTALLINE WINE GLASSES: Each red wine glass is incredibly clear with a brilliant finish and intense shine. Achieved through the use of specially formulated high-tech premium Crystalline glass that is completely lead-free and food safe. Exceptionally safe and eco-friendly being fully recyclable after giving you years of service.   ABSOLUTELY 100% DISHWASHER SAFE: Resilient to hot water and detergent action, all Jamie Oliver stemware is designed and tested to withstand normal dishwasher use for your ultimate convenience. Damage or loss of brilliance and clouding is a thing of the past, ensuring your new red wine glasses look absolutely beautiful for much longer than you might usually expect.   PERFECT SPECIAL OCCASION GIFT: All FOUR Jamie Oliver Waves Red Wine Glasses come supplied in attractive, full-colour packaging, making them ideal for gifting or special occasions.   The glasses have an approximate 580ml/20oz capacity (no measurements) and are 23.5cm/9.2" tall with 10cm/4" long stems, 8.5cm/3.4" & 7cm/2.8" base/rim diameters. The glass is just 1mm/0.04" thick and each weighs 240g/8.5oz.

    2 in stock


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