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  • Lloytron Health Kick 850w Fruit & Veg Juice Extractor | Napev

    Lloytron Health Kick 850w Fruit & Veg Juice Extractor

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    Start today, live tomorrow with the HealthKick Fruit and Veg Juice Extractor making fresh juice has never been so easy. Simply plug in, ensure your jug is placed at the juice outlet to collect the juice and insert your fruits and vegetables into the large 75mm dia. feeding tube. The included food plunger can be used to help push the fruit and veg down into the machine and with 2 speed settings, you can choose to effortlessly juice a range of soft or hard fruits and vegetables. Use the on/off switch to set the appliance to your preferred speed; high or low.    The powerful 850w long-life copper motor makes it easier than ever before to enjoy fresh juice at home. Save time and energy with the large 75mm diameter feeding tube, which is large enough to fit a whole apple without any cutting or prep. For ease of use, all removable parts of the HealthKick Fruit and Veg Juice Extractor including the food plunger, pulp waste container, juice collection tray, sieve and feeding tube are removable from the main motor unit and dishwasher safe. The main body should be cleaned with a damp cloth only.    The juicer includes anti-slip silicone feet and a non-drip function for less mess. Simply lift the spout upwards when finished to prevent the juice from dripping and use the attached pulp waste container to collect the remains for easy cleanup.  

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  • LLOYTRON 10Ltr Catering Urn | Napev

    LLOYTRON 10Ltr Catering Urn

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    Water level indicator Anti-drip dispenser tap Drip Tray Automatic re-boil temperature control Locking lid Concealed element Drip tray included 220-240v AC operation Capacity: 10ltr (approximately 40 cups) Power: 1500w Colour: stainless steel Packaging: gift box

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