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    Simplehuman Dishrack with Wine glass holder

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    Our dishracks drain quickly and neatly — no puddles, water spots, or residue. We even have a swivel spout to drain into the sink no matter how you position the dishrack. The inner plastic tray is designed for optimum draining with a hydrophilic coating that spreads water thinly across the surface for super-fast evaporation plus a central stainless steel drain that takes care of the rest — plus it unscrews for easy cleaning! Got a lot of dishes and extra-large wine glasses? Our steel frame dishrack has enough capacity to handle it — and with silicone-capped plate holders, your dishes are always safe and secure — no scratching or chipping. We lowered the profile and added anti-slip rubber feet to give this dishrack greater stability so it stays in place on your countertop. An integrated wine glass rack safely hangs up to 4 extra-large Bordeaux wine glasses so they dry quickly and efficiently.

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  • Sale -42% Desire Fragrance Set

    Desire Fragrance Set

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    Keep your home smelling floral and fragrant with this lovely hand-poured trio of scented diffusers. Presented in a beautiful cardboard box containing 3 diffusers. With its beautiful packaging and delightful aromas, this lovely set makes the perfect gift for anyone who loves to fill their home with captivating fragrances and would make a wonderful birthday, new home or Christmas present.

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    Lesser & Pavey Heart to Home Mug

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    Heart to a home cup from the Lesser & Pavey Oh So Charming collection This highly collectable piece is made from fine porcelain china and would make a beautiful addition to any home Presented in a lovely gift box. Not suitable for microwave and dishwasher. Lesser & Pavey was established in 1971 and is renowned worldwide for their high-quality products from their in-house design team Colour: White & Black

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  • Love you Mum Gift Bag

    Love you Mum Gift Bag

    Perfect gift bags to celebrate your mum and make her day even more special.

    GH₵10.00 - GH₵12.00

  • Sale -40% Vincenza Glass Vase C9

    Vincenza Glass Vase C9

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    The Vincenza Vase, with its sleek glass geometric design, is a versatile addition to any empty table or corner, serving multiple purposes and bringing a touch of modern elegance. Its delightful presence accentuates the beauty of flowers effortlessly. Hand-made by Vincenza Glass. Unique variations should be expected as the product is hand painted Features Geometric Design Delightful & Modern Accentuating Flowers H 48cm 

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    Vincenza Glass Vase C3

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    The Vincenza Vase is a versatile addition to any empty table or corner, serving multiple purposes and bringing a touch of modern elegance. Its delightful presence accentuates the beauty of flowers effortlessly. Hand-made decorative glass

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    Vincenza Glass Vase C1

    Made by Lesser & Pavey these stunning handmade vases have a wild array of colours and styles which is the perfect way to make a statement at home or work. Ideal as an ornament or for placing your favourite bouquet of flowers, in the office or at home, these vases will emphasize the theme of the bouquet and enhance its appearance. Hand-made decorative glass 65cm


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    Vincenza Glass Vase C2

    Hand-made decorative glass 55cm


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    Vincenza Glass Vase- Marble Effect

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    Marble Effect decorative vase.

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    GH₵299.00 - GH₵710.00

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    Vincenza Glass Vase- Silver

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    Decorative vase

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    GH₵200.00 - GH₵300.00

  • Vincenza Glass Vase- Silver Swirl

    Vincenza Glass Vase- Silver Swirl

    Silver Swirl Design Glass Vase Large Vincenza Glass Silver swirling pattern on clear glass vase Silver round base with fluted top A lovely decorative vase perfect for any contemporary or modern home

    GH₵377.00 - GH₵420.00

  • Sale -54% Nude Refine Polyvalent White Wine | Pack of 2 | napev

    Nude Refine Polyvalent White Wine | Pack of 2

    Polyvalent and practical, while still pleasing to the eye, this NUDE Refine set of crystalline glasses is at ease in both formal and casual settings. The delicate yet durable silhouette features a sturdy base, a tall, slender stem and a traditional bowl crowned with a tapered rim. 440 cc / 87.5 mm / 214 mm Lead-free crystal


  • Sale -54% Nude Terroir Polyvalent White Wine Glass |Pack of 2 | napev

    Nude Terroir Polyvalent White Wine Glass | Pack of 2

    These polyvalent glasses from the NUDE Terroir range offer contemporary minimalism in a versatile set. Accented with a dynamic drop that flows beautifully into the stem, each piece is minimal yet expressive, presenting the beauty of lead-free crystal in its most excellent form.    


  • Nude Terroir Champagne Flute | Pack of 2

    Nude Terroir Champagne Flute | Pack of 2

    This NUDE Terroir set of champagne glasses presents the beauty of our lead-free crystal in its purest form. The minimal yet expressive design is accented with a dynamic drop that flows beautifully into the stem, the common thread of the collection which also includes white and red wine options. 255ml Lead-free crystal


  • Sale -38% Nude Neo Wine Glass | Pack of 2 | napev

    Nude Neo Wine Glass | Pack of 2

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    More sculptural than decorative, the NUDE Neo collection presents this set of wine glasses. Crafted from lead-free crystal, the streamlined silhouette boasts a beautiful bevelled edge and a gently flared rim, characterised by remarkable depth and detail. A touch of pure elegance for your kitchen cabinet. 320ml Handmade Lead-free crystal

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  • Nude Terroir White Wine | Pack of 2 | napev

    Nude Terroir White Wine | Pack of 2

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    The NUDE Terroir collection has been specially created to embrace the flavour of the wine it’s intended to host. This white wine duo is the perfect example of this design approach, minimal yet expressive, thanks to the dynamic drop that flows beautifully into the stem. 360ml Lead-free crystal

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  • Sale -40% Nude Refine Champagne Flute | Pack of 2 | napev

    Nude Refine Champagne Flute | Pack of 2

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    This NUDE Refine set of champagne glasses is refreshingly simple. Cut from pure lead-free crystal, the sturdy base and the slender stem are crowned with a traditional bowl and a tapered rim — the carefully considered proportions ensure a sublime drinking experience. 200 cc / 57 mm / 225 mm Lead-free crystal

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  • Sale -19%Last stock! Nude Refine Red Wine Glass | Pack of 2

    Nude Refine Red Wine Glass | Pack of 2

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    The NUDE Refine collection explores traditional glassmaking techniques in a contemporary context. Designed to retain aromas and flavours, this set of wine glasses makes a case for opening your finest bottle of red. The crystalline silhouette features a traditional round bowl and a tapered rim, sleek and simple.

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  • Nude Chablis Decanter | napev

    Nude Chablis Decanter

    The Nude Chablis Carafe is the elegant serving fine wine deserves. With an asymmetric fluted pouring spout, this wine carafe is the height of style.Perfect for adding a certain sense of style to any dining setting, this glass carafe can even be used to serve simple table water with elegance.  


  • Nude Ego Carafe | napev

    Nude Ego Carafe

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    Small in size but mighty in style, the NUDE Ego personal decanter measures just under 20 cm. Crafted from clear crystalline glass, it features clean lines, curved edges and a polished finish.

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  • Elia essence 16pcs dinner set | napev

    Elia essence 16pcs dinner set

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    A warm, informal range featuring a featuring concentric circle. This design is a warm and welcoming addition to any tabletop. Made from premier bone china and fully vitrified, these pieces are strong and extremely durable. All of the plates feature chip-resistant rolled edges.  This is hard-wearing china that is built to last in heavy-usage professional or domestic kitchens.  Dishwasher and microwave safe. Set includes; 4x Dinner Plates 27cm. 4x Side Plates 19cm. 4x Oatmeal / Cereal Bowls. 4x Mugs

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  • Circular Style Sauteuse 24cm | Napev

    Circulon Style Sauteuse

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    Whether you’re cooking for a special occasion or you’re preparing a delicious midweek supper, you can create delectable dishes with our 24cm and 27cm anodized sautés pan. Park of the Style cookware collection incorporates oven-to-table suitability and clever stay-cool handles that make it ideal for serving right at the dinner table.  The Circulon Style sauteuse pan is made of lightweight but tough hard-anodised aluminium with Circulon's TOTAL® non-stick coating. The inside of the pan has high-low circular grooves which, together with the non-stick coating, provide excellent food release when sautéing or braising. Little or no oil is required, for healthier cooking, thick steel induction-suitable base offers even heat distribution and no hot spots and a stylish 'S' shape handle on the lid.  Suitable for all hobs including induction. Available in 2 sizes: 24cm/2.8L & 27cm/3.8L

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    GH₵911.00 - GH₵973.00

  • Circulon Style deep chef casserole 26cm/5.2L

    Circulon Style deep chef casserole 26cm/5.2L

    Make tasty meals with this quality built Circulon Style 26cm/5.2L Chefs Casserole Pan with Lid. With a hard anodised, heavy gauge construction, it is oven safe to 240C/475F and features cast stainless steel handles and a 3-coat Du-Pont non-stick coating. The pan's edge-to-edge induction-suitable base offers even heat distribution and no hot spots. It comes with a lid for keeping in moisture and steam-finishing vegetables or rice, and a stylish 'S' shape handle on the lid. The riveted handles are strong, secure and comfortable to hold. Features: Circulon Style 26cm 5.2L Chefs Casserole Pan with Lid Hard anodised, heavy gauge construction means it is twice as strong as stainless steel Suitable for all cooktops excluding induction 3 coat Du-Pont non-stick with Hi-Low circles for extraordinary food release Oven safe to 240C/475F Stylish cast stainless steel handles riveted for maximum durability Size: 26cm 5.2L


  • Quest compact stand mixer

    Quest compact stand mixer

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    This compact stand mixer is a baker’s delight, as it will easily mix all the ingredients needed to make wonderful cakes, bread, cookies, pastries, muffins and waffles. The automatic mixing bowl has 6 separate speed settings which allow you to easily control the process and has a swivel tilting mechanism which lets you whip up ingredients at a slight angle too. The food mixing bowl holds 3 litres worth of ingredients, and once used it is totally dishwasher friendly, as to are the pastry/dough hooks & twin beaters that also come with the device.  Features 1 x Quest Compact Mixer  2 x Beaters  2 x Dough Hooks  1 x Stainless Steel Bowl

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    Kenwood Chefette Hand mixer HM680

    Created with versatility and simplicity in mind Designed for cake mixing, the Kenwood Chefette is perfect for those who want to improve their baking skills but who may not have space for a kitchen machine. Use the hand mixer separately for quick convenient mixing or attach it to the specially designed stand with a rotating bowl for larger batches.    Making the everyday special With 5 speed settings and a pulse function, this 350W dedicated blend of hand and stand mixer has all that’s required to create everything from light and fluffy sponges to smooth creamy fondants. Available with a stainless steel 3-litre bowl, with a working capacity of 1.5 litres, this dedicated hand mixer is perfectly designed for baking cakes, pastries or even mixing dough.   All the tools for the job Let your handy kitchen assistant do all the hard work with the bonus of no mess thanks to a unique splash guard, which simply clicks into place above the bowl, allowing for splash-free mixing. The offset beaters make it easy to add ingredients into the bowl whilst continuously mixing and the rotating bowl ensures maximum ingredients are incorporated into the mixture to ensure a smooth, even and perfect consistency every time.


  • Sale -19% Simplehuman Cabinet Organiser

    Simplehuman Cabinet Organiser

    Our pull-out cabinet organiser helps you reduce clutter and utilise all your hard-to-reach cupboard space with ease. The frame is constructed from heavy-gauge steel that holds up to 9kg. And a durable, removable drip guard protects your cupboards from messy spills and leaks. Installs easily with pre-aligned commercial-grade ball-bearing tracks.

    GH₵899.00 - GH₵985.00

  • Elia Stainless Steel Teaset

    Elia Stainless Steel Teaset

    A modern and contemporary alternative to traditional china tea and coffee service methods, this Elia tea set is perfect for everyday use at home or commercial use.  18/10 stainless steel Polished Heat dissipating handle Set includes Teapot Coffee pot Sugar & Creamer Tray


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    Simplehuman Wide View Sensor Mirror Pro

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    Our sensor mirror pro wide view has a wide viewing area with side panels that fold in so you can see yourself from almost any angle plus a 10x magnification detail mirror for close-up work. With a colour rendering index (CRI) of 90, its tru-lux light system closely simulates natural sunlight’s full-colour spectrum to show every detail. Capable of over 50,000 colour variations, you can use the phone to choose presets or capture light settings from the environment around you and recreate them in the mirror. And it is wifi-enabled so you can access the mirror’s smart features. The mirror easily recharges and one charge lasts up to 4 weeks.

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    Simplehuman Sensor Mirror Compact

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    Allowing you to see yourself in the best light possible (wherever you may be!), this luxe Compact Sensor Mirror is a must-have for any make-up maven who is constantly on the go. Delivered with a sleek pouch, the light automatically turns on and off once removed/inserted into the pouch.  There’s also a comfortable finger ring so you can hold your mirror (securely!) or, rest it on a surface when you need to go hands-free. Finally, there’s also 3x magnification – ideal for grooming ("Hello, errant eyebrows!") – that gives you a dauntingly detailed close-up of your visage. 

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