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  • Russell Hobbs Large Rice Cooker & Steamer

    Russell Hobbs Large Rice Cooker & Steamer

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    Cooking rice in a pan can produce varied results. Mushy, sticky or dry - it can be difficult to get right. Whether you’re making a simple rice side dish for dinner, or batch cooking for a bigger party, our Maxi Cook 14 cup rice cooker makes it so incredibly simple, so all you’re left to do is look forward to your meal.  The rice cooker has a volume bowl, that can cook up to 14 cups of rice. It’s a rice cooker that’s just as at home in the family kitchen, as it would be catering for larger parties.  NOTE: Give the bowl quarter of a turn each way, to ensure the bottom of the bowl makes good contact with the element. Includes; 1 x Spatula  1 x Measuring cup  1 x Steam Basket

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    Russell Hobbs 1.8L Rice Cooker & Steamer

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    Cooks rice to perfection up to 10 cups at a time and automatically switches off when food is ready. Includes a tray for steaming fish and vegetables.

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  • NEW Russell Hobbs 24610 Plastic Jug Blender, 1.5 Litre, White AT NAPEV GH

    Russell Hobbs 24610 Plastic Jug Blender, 1.5 Litre, White

    The Russell Hobbs Jug Blender is your reliable kitchen companion, designed to make blending tasks a breeze. With a robust 400W motor and high-quality stainless steel cutting blades, it's well-equipped to handle a variety of ingredients. Here's why this blender is a valuable addition to your kitchen: Key Features: Powerful Performance: The 400W motor ensures that this blender can handle even the toughest blending tasks. It's your go-to appliance for creating smooth soups, sauces, and delicious smoothies. Large Capacity: The blender features a roomy 1.5L plastic jug. This generous capacity allows you to blend substantial quantities of solids and liquids, making it perfect for preparing meals for the whole family. Variable Speed Control: With two variable speed settings, you have full control over the blending process. Achieve the desired consistency for your recipes effortlessly. Pulse Function: The pulse function is perfect for short bursts of blending at the optimal speed. It's ideal for breaking down tougher food chunks and providing greater control, preventing over-processing. Removable Filling Cap: The blender is designed for user convenience. The removable filling cap makes it easy to add ingredients during the blending process. Easy Cleaning: The 1.5L plastic jug and cutting blades are detachable, allowing for easy and thorough cleaning. This feature ensures that maintenance is a simple and hassle-free process. Safety and Stability: The blender comes with sturdy non-slip rubber feet. These feet prevent slippage during operation, providing stability and protecting your kitchen surfaces. Make your blending tasks efficient and enjoyable with the Russell Hobbs Jug Blender. Whether you're creating hearty soups, savory sauces, or refreshing smoothies, this blender is up to the challenge. It's designed to provide the power and versatility needed in a modern kitchen.


  • Russell Hobbs Retro 25192 Blender - Cream | Napev

    Russell Hobbs Retro 25192 Blender - Cream

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    This retro-inspired jug blender brings to mind images of ice cream sundaes and milkshakes in 1950s diners. With design inspiration drawn from the retro era, the Retro Cream Jug Blender definitely does not compromise performance. In a classic cream with premium stainless steel accents, the Retro Cream Jug Blender will be sure to make a statement on any kitchen counter. So make use of the impressive 1.5-litre blender and invite your friends around for some fruity smoothies.   3 Speeds Plus Pulse Setting with Variable Speed Mix it up and make use of the 3 speeds plus pulse setting on the Retro Cream Jug Blender. Whether it’s a hearty, homemade soup that requires a slower setting, or a faster setting to create creamy dips to accompany your chips, there is a speed for every need. Also, for those of you that opt to kick-start the week with a superfood smoothie, use the pulse setting to blitz the bits.    1.5 Litre Capacity Jug The Retro Cream Jug Blender has an impressive 1.5L capacity glass jug that’s large enough to cater for everyone. It’s the perfect size to prep for those big family occasions where everyone definitely brings their appetite. So get together with family and friends just because you can – because dinner always tastes better shared.  

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  • Last stock! Russell Hobbs Pearl Coated 5Pcs Kitchen Utensil Set | Napev

    Russell Hobbs Pearl Coated 5Pcs Kitchen Utensil Set

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    Bring fresh air to your kitchen with this five-piece stainless steel kitchen utensil set from Russell Hobbs perfect for everyday use. This five-piece kitchen utensil set includes: a serving spoon, strainer spoon, spaghetti spoon, masher and spatula The practical hanging loops make it easy to store in the kitchen so that the kitchen utensils are always at hand without taking up space.

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  • Russell Hobbs S/S Toaster 24080 | Napev

    Russell Hobbs S/S Toaster 24080

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    Make every morning an adventure with the Adventure 2 Slice Toaster. Inspired by the legendary ships of explorers that have travelled the world, this strong stainless steel and sleek black toaster is a stylish statement piece with a story to tell. Whether you’re making your little one a chunky slice of jam on toast to cure their tummy rumbles before school or you’re buttering up a quick slice before heading out to work, we want to help prepare you for every adventure that’s ahead. So sit down and enjoy a tasty slice of toast because, after all, every good adventure starts with a good breakfast.  Even toasting Whether you like your crumpet extra crunchy or your toast with that light sun-kissed glow, our even toasting technology gives you total control over just how tanned you like to go.   Extra-wide slots With 2 wide slots, you have the freedom to toast a range of different slices of bread and add a little variety to your breakfast routine.   Lift and Lock Feature   Protect Toast-Improved Evenness   Variable Browning Control

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  • Russell Hobbs Travel Kettle 23840

    Russell Hobbs Travel Kettle 23840

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    Designed to be completely lightweight this travel kettle comes in a modern white plastic that’s super light and small in size – perfect for fitting into your suitcase. You may be on a caravan holiday at the coast or out in the wilderness on a camping trip, the Travel Compact Kettle ensures you can always count on a good brew wherever your travels may take you. Bring a little home comfort to wherever you are because everything’s made better with a good cup of tea. 1kW concealed element 0.85L capacity Removable, washable filter Universal voltage Dual water-level windows Power-on neon indicator Hinged lid for ease of filling Supplied with two cups and spoons, which store inside the kettle Dry Boil protection Easy pour spout   Cups and Spoons Included We know you need more than a kettle to make a delicious cuppa, that’s why the Travel Compact Kettle also includes two cups and spoons so you have all the essentials to make a good brew   Small and Lightweight Being small in size and light in weight this kettle is perfect for an easy brew wherever you are in the world. But don’t be deceived by its size, this kettle is not only the perfect size for a quick cup or two but it’s also extremely powerful in performance.

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  • Russell Hobbs Brushed S/S Kettle 1.7L | Napev

    Russell Hobbs Brushed S/S Kettle 1.7L

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    Make an impression every morning with a delicious cuppa from the Adventure Kettle. Combining a polished finish with stainless steel, this classic kettle adds a touch of class to any kitchen. With enchanting curves that endlessly wrap around the kettle – it feels as good as it looks. 1.7 Litre capacity Boils one 235ml cup in 45 seconds Features a perfect pour spout Matching 2 and 4-slice toasters are available   Save energy – 66 per cent energy saving achieved by boiling one cup (235 ml) versus one litre. Save time - the Adventure Kettle boils one cup of 235 ml water in 45 seconds. Sometimes you’re making a pot of tea for the whole family, other times you just want to grab a quick cuppa for one before you head out of the door. Boiling one cup in just 45 seconds means it’s never too late for that last cup of tea. A perfect pour spout reduces the chances of spillages when you are making a cuppa’, and helps to keep your work surface water-free.

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  • Russell Hobbs Supreme Steam Iron |

    Russell Hobbs Supreme Steam Iron

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    When it comes to iron it’s important to ensure you have the right tool for the job. With the Supreme Steam Traditional Iron, you can get through a sizeable pile in no time. Designed with you in mind, the Supreme Steam Iron makes for faster, easier ironing.    Features: Powerful Vertical Steam Function - The Supreme Steam Iron features a powerful vertical steam function which means you can take conventional ironing to the next level and steam hanging garments with ease. Ideal for getting creases out of curtains, hanging garments and upholstery, while the 2m cord ensures enough flexibility to iron where you feel most comfortable.   Easy iron features you won’t want to live without - The quick 2400W heat up with a non-stick stainless steel soleplate combined with 40g/min continuous steam and a 110g/min steam shot ensures superior heat distribution and a smooth glide to get through even the toughest of fabrics in no time. The soft-touch handle and dial alongside an easy-fill large 300ml water tank make for comfortable ironing when tackling a sizeable pile and the spray function helps you get to grips with those stubborn creases in one go.    Self Clean - The soft-touch handle and dial alongside an easy-fill large 320ml water tank makes for comfortable ironing when tackling a sizeable pile and the spray function helps you get to grips with those stubborn creases in one go. A self-clean function helps to protect the iron from scale damage – this will prolong the performance and life of your iron.

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