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  • Beldray 2400W Steam Surge Iron BEL01137- Rose Gold | Napev

    Beldray 2400W Steam Surge Iron BEL01137- Rose Gold

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    The Beldray 2400W Steam Surge Iron BEL01137 in Rose Gold is the perfect addition to your ironing routine. With its powerful 2400W motor and ceramic soleplate, it effortlessly glides over fabrics, leaving them perfectly smooth and wrinkle-free. Featuring a steam surge function, this iron delivers a powerful burst of steam to penetrate through stubborn wrinkles, making it an ideal choice for tough fabrics such as denim or linen. Its vertical steam function also allows you to iron hanging garments, curtains, and upholstery with ease. The anti-drip feature of this iron prevents water from dripping onto your fabrics, keeping them clean and dry. It also comes with a self-cleaning function to keep the soleplate in pristine condition, ensuring it maintains its performance for longer. The water tank has a generous capacity, so you can spend more time ironing and less time refilling. With its beautiful Rose Gold finish, the Beldray 2400W Steam Surge Iron BEL01137 is not only practical but also stylish, making it an excellent addition to any home.

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    Beldray 2800w Rapid Glide Pro Steam Iron

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    Power: 3000W Ideal for ironing jackets, suits, curtains and other textiles Easy-to-fill 380ml tank Vertical steam function Non-stick ceramic soleplate Variable temperature controls Anti-drip Self-cleaning function Soft grip handle 3m power cord

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  • Beldray Steam Iron BEL0820NC | Napev

    Beldray Steam Iron BEL0820NC

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    This Copper Edition Ultra Ceramic Steam Iron will look great in any home. With 3100 W and 200 G/Min steam shot, it has a ceramic soleplate which will glide smoothly over clothing for even heat distribution. Complete with a generous 300 ml water tank, easily fill the tank when needed and iron without having to frequently refill. Designed with an easy grip handle for maximum comfort, the iron has a convenient water spray function to help iron out stubborn creases. Features: Great for any home, the Copper Edition Ultra Steam Iron delivers powerful steam ironing for clothing, furniture, curtains or bed linen The easy-fill 300 ml water tank means less frequent refills, while the self-cleaning anti-calc feature reduces a build-up of limescale With a powerful vertical steam shot of 200 g/min it can even remove stubborn creases from upholstery, curtains and hanging clothes Enjoy high-precision ironing with variable temperature and steam control while the 3 m power cord allows for safe and simple manoeuvrability 150 years and still growing - Beldray is planting a tree for every Ultra Steam Iron purchased, providing a more sustainable future

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  • Beldray Steam Iron Ceramic BEL0820P | Napev

    Beldray Steam Iron Ceramic BEL0820P

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    With a double ceramic soleplate for smooth, even heat distribution This powerful Beldray Ultra Ceramic Steam Iron is the perfect way to effortlessly remove creases and wrinkles from your garments and upholstery. Complete with a three-metre power cord, this 3100 W iron allows for both horizontal and vertical steaming, so you can tackle any laundry pile with ease. 3100 W Continuous steam function Variable temperature control Double ceramic soleplate 300 ml easy-to-fill water tank Anti-calc and anti-drip functions Easy grip handle

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  • Igenix Steam Iron 2600W IG3126 | Napev

    Igenix Steam Iron 2600W IG3126

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    This Igenix Power Steam Pro steam iron offers a 2600W output with continuous steam for easier ironing. Functions include powerful bursts of steam and a large 380ml tank capacity to tackle any stubborn creases and a ceramic soleplate that will effortlessly glide over fabrics. It also has an adjustable temperature dial, is self-cleaning and has thermal cut-out protection for safety and peace of mind. Product specification 2600W ceramic soleplate 380ml tank capacity powerful burst of steam vertical steam continuous steam variable steam self-cleaning anti-calk feature anti-drip feature auto shut off 1.9m cord length

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  • Last stock! Russell Hobbs Supreme Steam Iron |

    Russell Hobbs Supreme Steam Iron

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    When it comes to iron it’s important to ensure you have the right tool for the job. With the Supreme Steam Traditional Iron, you can get through a sizeable pile in no time. Designed with you in mind, the Supreme Steam Iron makes for faster, easier ironing.    Features: Powerful Vertical Steam Function - The Supreme Steam Iron features a powerful vertical steam function which means you can take conventional ironing to the next level and steam hanging garments with ease. Ideal for getting creases out of curtains, hanging garments and upholstery, while the 2m cord ensures enough flexibility to iron where you feel most comfortable.   Easy iron features you won’t want to live without - The quick 2400W heat up with a non-stick stainless steel soleplate combined with 40g/min continuous steam and a 110g/min steam shot ensures superior heat distribution and a smooth glide to get through even the toughest of fabrics in no time. The soft-touch handle and dial alongside an easy-fill large 300ml water tank make for comfortable ironing when tackling a sizeable pile and the spray function helps you get to grips with those stubborn creases in one go.    Self Clean - The soft-touch handle and dial alongside an easy-fill large 320ml water tank makes for comfortable ironing when tackling a sizeable pile and the spray function helps you get to grips with those stubborn creases in one go. A self-clean function helps to protect the iron from scale damage – this will prolong the performance and life of your iron.

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  • Tower CeraGlide Cord Cordless Steam Iron T22022GLD |  Napev

    Tower CeraGlide Cord Cordless Steam Iron T22022GLD

    CERAGLIDE SOLEPLATE: High-performance Ceraglide iron with a non-stick, scratch-resistant ceramic soleplate for an effortless glide across fabrics and 30% faster ironing POWERFUL STEAM OUTPUT: Provides a powerful 170g steam boost and 35g continuous steam to tackle stubborn creases and eliminate shrinkage with ease 360 CHARGING BASE: This cordless iron can be easily docked to the 360 base to charge and detached from any direction for complete convenience. You can iron with the base attached for a traditional corded experience – it has a long 2.5m power cord for added flexibility ANTI-CALC & SELF-CLEAN: Stops limescale build-up for prolonged reliable performance, complete with anti-calc to protect your clothes against scale and staining TAPERED PRECISION TIP: Ironing around awkward buttons and fastenings is easier than ever with the tapered precision tip, helping produce a professional fresh-pressed finish


  • Tower Steam Iron T22008 |

    Tower Steam Iron T22008

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    This 2-in-1 Tower CeraGlide steam iron provides you with the choice to use it either corded or cordless for ultimate versatility. Featuring a powerful performance thanks to its 2400W output, this iron heats up in less than 30 seconds and provides a 120g/minute steam output and a 150g/minute steam shot to target and eliminate stubborn creases. The CeraGlide multi-layered ceramic soleplate effortlessly glides over a range of fabrics to gently iron out wrinkles. A 360ml water tank provides enough capacity to tackle large ironing tasks without the need to constantly refill. Featuring anti-drip during low-temperature operation, an anti-calc function to prevent limescale build-up and a self-cleaning setting for hassle-free maintenance, this steam generator iron has the essential tools to ensure a long lifespan. Comes complete with a measuring cup for ease of refilling at any time, while the soft-touch handle provides comfortable control.

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