Simplehuman Dishrack with Wine glass holder - White

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A solid stainless steel frame matches the aesthetic of modern upscale kitchen appliances. Its swivel spout rotates 360 degrees in any direction so it drains water directly into the sink — no matter how you place the dishrack on your countertop — and can be removed for easy cleaning. An anti-residue coating prevents residue buildup and water spots. Silicone-capped wire rack holds dishes tightly without scratching or chipping, and the wine glass holder hangs up to 4 wine glasses — even those extra-large Bordeaux glasses. A lower profile with anti-slip rubber feet gives the dishrack greater stability and keep it firmly in place. The fingerprint-proof coating helps protect against smudges and keeps it looking new.


  • material:fingerprint-proof stainless steel
  • warranty:5 year



steel frame dishrack

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