SKK Series 11 Cast Cooking Set

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Series 11 products join traditional, stress-free hand casting with our advanced and premium non-stick surface coating Diamond 3000 Plus Non-Stick. This combination guarantees you the perfect cooking results while offering the highest possible strength and durability. All of our products are characterised by quick and even heat distribution all the way to the edges of the cookware and exceptional thermal conductivity. This leads to perfect cooking results with optimum energy efficiency. The outstanding non-stick effect allows you to prepare low fat, healthy dishes without them sticking to the cookware. Series 11 meets all of the demands of modern cooking.


Non-Stick coating system

A unique, four-layer non-stick coating system. This coating system complies with all requirements of a professional. The material is highly reinforced based on particles that have the structure of a diamond, extremely long-lasting with no degradation of non-stick performance, highest scratch resistance and top corrosion resistance which leaves nothing open to be desired. A coating system for the most intensive and professional use with 5 years warranty (according to our use- and care instructions).

Unique coatings system:

  1. Top-Coat
  2. Mid-Coat
  3. Primer
  4. Base-layer
  5. Specially prepared raw body

Set includes: 

  • Saucepot 28/16cm w/lid
  • Saucepot 26/15cm w/lid
  • Saucepot 24/12cm w/lid
  • Saucepan 20/12cm w/lid


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