How to clean burnt food off your pan

How to clean burnt food off your pan

, by Nathaniel Fraikue, 3 min reading time

Here at Napev we only provide the best possible Cookware to last you a life time. Today we focus on Circulon, one of our many trusted high quality cookware brands. Circulon products benefit from decades of innovation in non-stick technology. Circulon pans make cleaning food from your pans a breeze as food doesn’t stick to the surface. You’d have to try quite hard to burn food onto these pans… but we understand accidents do happen. Maybe the phone rang while you were cooking your omelette, or you forgot to set that timer! We’ve all been there so don’t worry, if you’re struggling to clean burnt food off your pans with regular cleaning methods, we’ve got the answer.

  1. Allow your pan to completely cool before thinking of cleaning off those burnt bits.
  2. Add boiling water and one scoop of biological soap powder and mix in the pan. *Be very careful not to splash the mix on the exterior of the pan as it may mark.
  3. Allow to sit and soak for 10 – 30 minutes.
  4. Repeat if necessary for really stubborn bits.
  5. Once you’re finished wash the pan thoroughly with gentle soap and water to remove any residue of the biological soap.


As pioneers of non-stick, Circulon guarantees its products will last, however it is also important you look after your cookware in the best way possible because if you “Look after your cookware and it will look after you.” To prevent food burning onto your pan again here’s some top tips.

  • Due to their high quality materials, you shouldn’t need to use a high heat with Circulon pans. Once your pan is at the right temperature, stick to a medium or low heat and you’ll be amazed at the way these innovative products retain their heat for consistent cooking. You're also saving energy and the planet.

  • Circulon pans can cook food 20% faster due to the superior materials throughout the pan. So keep this is mind with any recipe you’re following.

  • The high-low groove non-stick system within Circulon pans means food shouldn’t stick, but we still recommend cleaning thoroughly after use. A quick wipe may leave your pans looking clean but tiny food particles can remain. These deposits could eventually carbonise on the surface of the non-stick preventing it from working effectively.
  • Clean thoroughly with soapy water. Wash around the pan in a circular motion using a brush or nylon sponge. You should only need a light touch and no abrasive pads which could deteriorate and damage the interior of the pan in the long run.

 These tips and suggestions do not only apply to only Circulon products but all of our Non-Stick Cookware available at Napev.

We hope you found these tips helpful. Let us know in the comments if there’s anything else you’d like to know about Circulon pans or cleaning any of your cookware.

Source: (Circulon, 2021) 
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