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Your new apartment is perfect, it has everything you could've ever wanted. Just that you have just one plate and one mug that was gifted to you. 

Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. We will help you determine all the other things you need to get your new apartment kitchen fully stocked and in perfect shape. 

With this list of kitchen essentials, you will be ready for any house warming party, dinner party and midnight cravings or your simple day to day routine. 


Kitchen Essentials for Cooking Prep 

Measuring cups

Any good meal starts with the preparations. 

Using the proper kitchen tools makes cooking easy and takes away all the guesswork when it’s time to start cooking because you really shouldn’t be dicing onions with a butter knife.

1. Measuring cups are key for any kitchen 

Using a normal glass/cup to measure will not give you the precise amount you need. You may either be short or go overboard. Investing in measuring cups will make your prep-work run smoothly and get those liquid measurements right. 

2. Grater

Graters are very useful in food preparations and are good for everything from grating cheese to shaving some fresh zest off fruits/vegetables for your fancy dish. 

Even the simplest grater will have more than one grating option type. Our graters have storage units underneath to help keep your work table clean and tidy. 

3. Knives

Dicing vegetables and slicing meat are so much easier when you have the right knife to do it. A normal stainless steel knife is perfect to get you through. Getting a set will help you divide the uses to fit the purpose. 

4. Cutting board 

You just moved into your new apartment and you will not want to be chopping your meat/vegetables on your countertop to get it damaged. 

Get yourself a small wooden or plastic cutting board to save your countertop from all those knife marks. 


Cooking Essentials for the Kitchen

Cooking prep

5. Cookware 

Almost every cooking you will do will be on your stovetop with either a pan or a pot. These should be the first thing on your mind when thinking about all the essentials items you may need for your apartment. 

Frying pans give you the ability to scramble your eggs easy. A 24cm frying pan should be perfect for scrambling both your eggs or searing meat, however, having a full range will give you the most ease of use. 

Saucepots are also a must-have. This will help you boil pasta, heat soup and chef up some great sauces. Again, having the entire range of saucepans will give you more versatility. 

Hint: Check out our recommended perfect sized cooking set for apartments. 

6. Strainer

You will use a strainer to drain the liquid from vegetables, pasta etc. This is much easier and better than holding the lid at an angle while trying to not let the noodles/vegetables escape. (We have all been there 😉) 

7. Crockery 

You need something to eat your food on. This is one essential no one can debate. 

We recommend you have at least four sets of dishware in your kitchen. This means 4 dinner plates, 4 bowls, 4 Mugs & 4 side plates. 

8. Cutlery 

Cutlery follows the same rule as dishware. You will need at least four of each (Fork, knife, spoon, teaspoon) in your kitchen but most sets come in a six each. This is great since no one knows at what time of the night our forks develop legs and run out of our kitchen. 

Hint: Here’s the set we recommend for your apartment. 

9 .Glasses

Most glasses come in a pack of 6 and since they are breakable we recommend you keep a couple of spares in your cabinets. 

Glasses go right along with your dishware in the table setting world. Having enough drinking glasses to complete each set just makes a lot of sense. 

You may also get a set of wine & champagne glasses for your new apartment. 

10. Corkscrew, Can opener, Bottle opener

Since you might be thinking of having wine glasses, you might also want to also consider getting a corkscrew. 


Storage for Your Kitchen


11. Food storage 

Storage containers are found in every kitchen. They keep your food fresh while they sit in your fridge. You can either chose to use plastic ware or try out our glass pyrex storage containers which come in various sizes. 

12. Cutlery tray 

Having a simple cutlery organiser keeps you from having to root around for either a spoon or fork and lets you quickly see if all your cutlery are dirty or not. 




13. Blender

A simple blender that can finely chop ingredients is great for prep work and making milkshakes. We recommend you try to get a blender with a mill included to help chop your vegetables with ease. 

14. Microwave

You can’t deny the fact that a microwave is the greatest appliance you can have in your kitchen. If your apartment didn’t come with one, we’ll advise you to get one. Unless you don’t mind cold food. 

15. Toaster

This isn’t a must-have for everyone but you might also have guest over sometimes. And you can use a toaster to make more than just toast. Check out more uses for a toaster here. 

16. Kettle

You can do it old school and just boil your water on the stove or save all that time and get yourself an electric kettle. And do not forget, it’s not that easy to pour water into a cup from a pot. 


Cleaning Essentials for the Kitchen

17. Trash Can 

A trash can is a basic necessity for a kitchen. If you do not have too much space in your apartment kitchen, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. You can check out our undercounted pull out bins to help save you that extra space. 

18. Soap Dispenser

This is one of the biggest savers to have. Just get yourself a 5L gallon of washing up soap and keep refilling into your soap dispenser. It controls the amount of soap coming out so it also helps save from waste. It also looks pretty in your kitchen counter. 

19 Dustpan set 

You might have someone cleaning your apartment a couple of days a week but you will want to be able to have something to clean up broken glass on a Friday night which is most likely going to happen. 


These apartment kitchen essentials will help you put your kitchen in shape ready to host your family and friends. 







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