Bosch Freestanding Gas Combination Range Cooker 90cm 5burner HSB734357Z

Bosch Freestanding Gas Combination Range Cooker 90cm 5burner HSB734357Z

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The Bosch Freestanding Gas Combination Range Cooker (HSB734357Z) is a culinary powerhouse that combines precision, versatility, and efficiency to transform... Read more

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      The Bosch Freestanding Gas Combination Range Cooker (HSB734357Z) is a culinary powerhouse that combines precision, versatility, and efficiency to transform your cooking experience. From its spacious design to advanced features, this freestanding range cooker is designed to meet the demands of passionate cooks and home chefs. Let's delve into the key features that make the Bosch HSB734357Z a remarkable addition to any kitchen:

      Key Features:

      Spacious 90cm Design: The Bosch Range Cooker boasts a generous 90cm width, providing ample space for cooking multiple dishes simultaneously. The expansive design allows you to explore diverse cooking techniques and experiment with a variety of recipes.

      5 Gas Burners: With a 5-burner gas cooktop, including different burner sizes and power levels, this range cooker offers versatility for various cooking tasks. From gentle simmering to rapid boiling, the gas burners provide precise control over the heat, allowing you to achieve optimal results.

      High-Efficiency Burners: The gas burners are designed for high efficiency, ensuring quick and uniform heating. Whether you're searing, sautéing, or simmering, the burners deliver consistent performance to elevate your cooking skills.

      Powerful Wok Burner: The inclusion of a powerful wok burner expands your cooking capabilities, making it easy to prepare stir-fries, Asian-inspired dishes, or any recipe that benefits from intense heat. The wok burner adds a dynamic element to your culinary repertoire.

      Gas Oven with Convection Cooking: The gas oven combines traditional cooking methods with modern convection technology. The convection fan ensures even heat distribution, allowing you to bake, roast, and brown dishes to perfection. The gas oven provides reliable and precise temperature control.

      Large Oven Capacity: The oven's generous capacity accommodates large roasts, multiple trays of baked goods, and family-sized meals. Whether you're hosting gatherings or preparing everyday meals, the large oven interior caters to your cooking needs.

      Electronic Ignition: The electronic ignition system ensures a quick and hassle-free start to your cooking. With a simple turn of the control knob, the gas burners ignite effortlessly, saving you time and effort in the kitchen.

      Flame Failure Safety Device: The range cooker is equipped with a flame failure safety device for enhanced safety. If the flame is accidentally extinguished, the safety device automatically shuts off the gas supply, preventing gas leaks and ensuring your peace of mind.

      Easy-to-Clean Enamel Coating: The oven cavity features an easy-to-clean enamel coating, simplifying the maintenance of your range cooker. Spills and splatters can be wiped away effortlessly, keeping the interior looking clean and pristine.

      Stylish Design and Build: The Bosch HSB734357Z features a stylish design that blends seamlessly with modern kitchen aesthetics. The durable build and high-quality materials contribute to the cooker's robust construction, ensuring long-lasting performance.

      Digital Timer and Clock: The integrated digital timer and clock provide convenient timing for your cooking processes. Keep track of cooking durations, set alarms, and coordinate multiple cooking tasks with precision.

      Storage Compartment: The range cooker includes a convenient storage compartment at the bottom, offering a dedicated space to store cookware, baking sheets, or kitchen essentials within easy reach.

      Easy-to-Use Controls: Intuitive and user-friendly controls make it simple to adjust heat levels, set oven temperatures, and navigate through cooking modes. The well-designed interface enhances the overall cooking experience.


      • :
      • Colour: Stainless steel
      • Power of the heating elements: 1 x 1.0 KW/1 x 2.9 KW/1 x 4.0 KW/2 x 1.8 KW
      • Residual heat indicator: without
      • Cooking method: Circulating air/defrost/ Full-surface grill/broiler/ Hot air grill/ Top/bottom heat
      • Integrated Cleaning system: No
      • Door hinge: Bottom
      • Usable volume (of cavity) - NEW (2010/30/EC): 112 l
      • Energy efficiency rating: B
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